Sunday, October 12, 2008

He Didn't Even Look Back

Today was Ryan's first day in nursery. He ran to the doors, pulled out a fire truck, and never looked back.

He has two great nursery leaders. One is Sister Adamson, who was Andrew's Nursery leader. She is fabulous and plays pretend with the children. I was so sad when she didn't move up to Sunbeams with Andrew. Now I am thrilled she didn't because Ryan gets to have her!

The other nursery leader (drum roll please.....) is Aenea! She was sustained as a nursery leader today. Hooray for us! (Sad for her, I know she was looking forward to Sunday School and Relief Society, in the actual classroom and not in the hall, as much as I was. Can you be happy for your child and sympathetic for your friend at the same time? I feel so torn). It was also Bastian's first day in nursery. Yeah, for Ryan! He gets his buddy and his "Aunt" Nea.

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CR said...

Yaay! I am so excited that they have such great leaders! Aenea is a saint!