Sunday, November 16, 2008

Andrew's First Sacrament Program

Andrew had his first Primary Program at church today. For me it was a dream come true. After being involved with the planning of the program for many years, it was so wonderful to have my own little guy up there to blow kisses at and smile at me.

But because of so many years of helping with the program I have come to have certain ..."expectations of what might happen." And we all look forward to the primary program because we hope those funny things will happen, we just hope it isn't our own kid. I began to wonder would Andrew actually speak and say the talk he made up himself? Would he sing the words to the duet he was asked to do the way we practiced, or make up his own nonsense words to the song, like he does everyday at home? Would he run down from the podium and come to me, would he need to go to the bathroom when it was his turn to speak and miss his turn? Or my biggest fear, would he sit and pick his nose (and GROSS), eat them the entire meeting? That actually happened my first year as primary president with a sunbeam and I watched his mother's mortified face the entire hour. Actually all of those things have happened in our ward, so I was more than a little nervous with my little performer up on stage where I, his control freak mommy, had no control of him.

I am pleased to report that all my worrying was useless. He did both of his parts really well and stayed on the stand the whole time. I couldn't have been prouder and wasn't embarrassed for even one moment, even when he stood up next to the chorister and helped lead the opening hymn. When it came time for his duet, the cute little boy he was supposed to sing with got a little shy I think, so Andrew ended up singing alone. He said his talk, too, word for word. In fact, all of the primary children did a wonderful job and I appreciated their sweet spirits and testimonies.

Here is a video of our practice from home for those who could not be there.

"I can go on a mission when I am 19, because Heavenly Father wants me to."
"Home is where there's father, with strength and wisdom true."


Wendy said...

Danielle--I have to tell you how hard I laughed about your goldfish comment. I had forgotten all about that! Ah, good times! I shared it with Justin.

Good job Andrew on his 1st primary program! I played the piano for our ward's program, and had to break up a fist fight between 5-year-old boys over a paper airplane.

Shelley said...

good job andrew! danielle, check out my bishop's comments about primary programs at you will think it's hilarious!!! and makes me miss when i was in primary and bonnie berlin was the music leader.

Shelley said...

ps - i just emailed you (the address i have is the old juno one, hopefully it's still the one you're using...) about the foam cushions. let me know if you didn't get the email.

CR said...

Esther said Andrew was really good AND he was cute! (uh oh).
He is such a great singer & speaker!