Saturday, November 1, 2008


We usually go to the farmer's market and pick out pumpkins together, the weekend before Halloween. This year we were out of the country, so we headed to Harris Teeter to pick two out instead. Andrew and Ryan painted one together.

This is one of those times when I silenced the vain control freak voice inside my head and let them loose. Andrew wanted to paint one half red and one half purple. (Yuck)!

They worked really hard and covered every inch of the pumpkin with paint. It ended up looking like a face with hair, so I had him paint a face on the front with colors that he chose. (lovely) The kids that came trick or treating loved it!

The next night we carved a pumpkin together. I asked Andrew what he thought was inside, before we opened it. "Candy and presents," he guessed. He was more surprised then disappointed by the gooey seeds and slime inside. He helped scoop them out for a minute and then was off to other things. Ryan on the other hand was fascinated. He stood next to me and "helped" me scoop out the entire pumpkin.

When I say help, I mean that each time I scooped a spoonful of pumpkin guts out into the bowl, Ryan used his spoon the scoop some more back into the pumpkin where they "belonged" in his opinion. It was quite cute and he concentrated really hard on his work.

Then Daddy worked hours and carved this awesome space ship. Go Daddy!


Gina said...

Very cool!

kruegfam said...

I am impressed!

CR said...

That is amazing! How did he do that? Or does he have special space alien powers that we didn't know about?!

CR said...

PS - I'm proud of you for ignoring your control freak voice. ;)