Sunday, December 28, 2008

Scribner Boys Christmas Caroling-Uncensored Director's Cut

Before I was a mother, I dreamed of having well-behaved children who perform on cue. Think Von Trapp family singers. I don't think that is going to happen with this crew. Sometimes the truth hurts...and sometimes it's just funny.

The 12 Days of Christmas?

Christmas seemed to last a lot longer than one day. A lot longer than 12 days for that matter. We started celebrating with a family party and the ward Christmas party the first weekend of December and have not stopped. 5 family parties, 2 birthday celebrations, 2 friend's parties, Festival of Lights,decorating the tree, and caroling with neighbors have left us filled with the Christmas Spirit. But December has been one big blur. A wonderful, memory-making, fun-filled blur!

Christmas Caroling with our friends

Making a gingerbread house with Nana, Papa, Emily, and Rachel

The finished masterpiece.

Decorating also included an icing fight in which Andrew turned himself into Rudolph. He was quite tickled with himself.

Nibble, Nibble Like a Mouse

I spent a lot of the holidays in the kitchen. We had our traditional appetizers and treats Christmas Eve. I made caramel popcorn, artichoke dip, chili bean dip, buck eyes, a cheesecake ball, and sausage balls. I made Moravian Sugar Cake for breakfast Christmas morning.
After our treats we read the Nativity Story.

Then we acted out the story. Daddy was Joseph, Mommy was Mary, and Bob was Baby Jesus.
(We will have real baby dolls next year, with a baby girl in the house, I am sure).

Nana and Emily were Shepherds and Ryan was a reluctant sheep.

Andrew was the Angel Gabriel. He had memorized his part and said it beautifully. However this picture reminds me of the story of the Littlest Angel. The book is about a 4 year old boy angel who can't keep his halo or robe on right or clean, who swings on the Heavenly gates, and makes a most unheavenly noise when singing.

Rachel and Papa were the wisemen.

After the Nativity play we sang Christmas carols and played instruments. Then it was time to open presents from the Kruegers!

Emily and Rachel showing off their aprons and cooking supplies.

Outside to leave food for the reindeer.

Jammies on and one last bedtime story, and in a "surprising" turn of events, Andrew chose The Polar Express.

Ryan loved his stocking Christmas morning and kept returning to the empty stocking hoping to find more candy canes.

Ryan and Andrew loved their new kitchen.

After opening our gifts and eating breakfast, we headed to Colfax and ate lunch with Nanie Tu-tu and family.

Andrew loves playing with his cousin Austin.

Then down to Pinehurst to see Grandma and Grandpa and our Hiatt cousins.

It was beautiful so we were able to play outside a long time.

Then Saturday Grandma and Grandpa came to our house with Alex and Evin and Uncle Ben and Jen.

We had a lot of fun playing with this castle.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

My 4 Year Old

Best Christmas Present Ever

1st Birthday

Two Years Old

Three Years Old

Four Years Old

I love my Andrew. He turned 4 years old today. It is so hard to imagine that he has been part of my life for so few years. I can remember the sadness of empty arms as we waited and prayed and fasted for this little boy. However the sadness is swallowed up in the love I have for this little guy. I love being a mommy. One is never lonely with Andrew around. He fills our home with fun and laughter.

Andrew's 4 Year Old Favorites

Colors: Orange and Brown
Movie: Polar Express
Interests: Space ships, trains, dinosaurs, painting, music, jokes
Talents: Memorizing long passages, reading 3 letter words, singing, riding a bike with training wheels, hopping on one foot, forward rolls, making funny faces, and introducing himself to everyone he sees
Food: Pizza
Restaurant: Chick-fil-A

Sunday, December 14, 2008

4...3...2...1 Blast Off!

Andrew celebrated his 4th Birthday a couple of weeks early with an Outer Space Party yesterday. Amazingly, every single child he invited was able to be there! (Which is shocking since it was the middle of December on a Saturday). I had such a fun time planning his party and I think he had a good time, too! A special thanks to the grandparents, aunts, and uncle who were able to help out! I could not have pulled off a party for 12 little ones without you! (The pictures in the basement are a little dark, sorry).

We started out making Solar System pictures with foam stickers in the kitchen as our friends arrived.

Once everyone was there we headed to the basement where the kids all put on jet packs (thank you for the many hours you spent on these, Chad) and prepared for Space Camp.

We played Astronaut Says (like Simon Says). "Astronaut says shake a friend's hand."

Next up was Musical Planets (like musical chairs, except when the music stops, everyone finds a planet to share instead of being out if you are the last one there. We played until we were all sharing the same planet).

We tried out an "Astronaut" Parachute game together after that. (sorry, no pictures of that one).

The children played "Land the Rocket Back on Earth." They got to take a spin in a swivel chair while everyone else counted down, and then they stuck their rockets on Earth.

We played "Astronaut, Astronaut, Spaceship." (Like Duck, Duck, Goose)

We ended Space Camp with a Pull String Pinata.

Then blasted off back upstairs for cake and ice cream.

When treats were done, we all headed outside to hunt for Moon Rocks. (Lollipops wrapped in aluminum foil). We played outside until all the parents came to pick up the little astronauts and bring them home with their crafts, goody bags, jet packs, star balloons, and inflatable space shuttles.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Sugar and Spice

We are having a girl. Andrew has insisted from the beginning he was having a baby sister. Just this weekend he came into our bedroom at 6:30 am and informed us that we needed to call his sister a name. "Not a mean name though, Mommy. That wouldn't be nice. How about we call her a LOVELY name?" On my way to the doctor today I asked him if he thought we were having a brother or a sister. "Mommy, it is a sister." he responded very matter of factly.

Chad and I both KNEW we were having our third son. We had even named him. We have had no discussion on girl names and I haven't purchased any girl things....yet. The Strasburg Children's store in our mall is going out of business. I wonder if I can single-handedly keep them open. :)

We would love any great name ideas you would like to share with us. We won't promise to use them, bu we will gladly read them. And we need a new blog name in April I suppose.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Trains at Grandmother Stone's

We celebrated Christmas a little early at Grandmother Stone's home because my Dad and sister Shana were here for the week from Florida. Andrew helped me make and decorate cookies to bring.

He was so excited. He got to see Grandpa Bud, Aunt Shana, Grandmother Stone, and best of all (in his opinion) TRAINS! (Grandmother lives next to train tracks). We arrived and had not even taken our coats off yet when the first train went by. The rest of the night, Andrew stayed by the window and door looking for more. One more did come luckily and he was in heaven.

He also had fun playing Duck, Duck Goose with his cousins Mackenzie and Carrie Ann. Later he sat in the middle of all of the big boys and made them laugh with his silliness.

He was in heaven. Ryan had a fun night too. He snuggled with everyone and ate lots of chicken. He was mesmerized by the trains, too. But I think his favorite part was the traditional paper fight. Andrew ran and hid in the kitchen, but not Ryan. He kept picking up wrapping paper and bringing it to his Great-Uncle Donnie. (He knew he was on the boys' team). I don't have any pictures of the grown-ups or the paper fight. Our camera broke while we were there. Hopefully I can get some of Dad's to post up.

For Uncle Damion

Many years ago (prekids) we were hanging out at the mall with Mom Scribner, Emily, and Damion, and Chad and I. There was a fantastic (also read tacky) jewelry store with huge gold crucifixes, replicas of the Virgin Mary, gigantic Jesus name plates, etc. You know the kind of store I am talking about. These things were completely gaudy. Think rap star bling. Damion walks in to the store and steps up to the counter. With a completely straight face he proceeds to enquire about purchasing one for his lovely wife. (Who, if I remember correctly is dressed from head to toe in either Ann Taylor or Talbots. Not really your 10 pound nugget around your neck kind of girl). Mom and I completely lost it. We had to leave the store. We had to walk around the corner. But remarkably Emily and Chad were able to stay in while Damion went through all of the pieces with the owner with a completely respectful and serious face. No one cracked a smile. I am sure that poor owner thought he was about to make a huge sale.

One morning this week, Andrew walked into the kitchen. "Look at my necklace I made Mommy. Isn't it pretty?" Around his neck he was wearing the stable from his Fisher Price Nativity set attached to gold mardi gras beads. Thanks to Damion's great example, I was able to keep a straight face long enough to grab the camera and tell Andrew how remarkable his bling was. He liked that word, bling. Now, if we could only get it dipped in gold, it was .
one of a kind.

(You can't tell fromthe picture but he also has the star flashing and playing Away in a Manger).