Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Trains at Grandmother Stone's

We celebrated Christmas a little early at Grandmother Stone's home because my Dad and sister Shana were here for the week from Florida. Andrew helped me make and decorate cookies to bring.

He was so excited. He got to see Grandpa Bud, Aunt Shana, Grandmother Stone, and best of all (in his opinion) TRAINS! (Grandmother lives next to train tracks). We arrived and had not even taken our coats off yet when the first train went by. The rest of the night, Andrew stayed by the window and door looking for more. One more did come luckily and he was in heaven.

He also had fun playing Duck, Duck Goose with his cousins Mackenzie and Carrie Ann. Later he sat in the middle of all of the big boys and made them laugh with his silliness.

He was in heaven. Ryan had a fun night too. He snuggled with everyone and ate lots of chicken. He was mesmerized by the trains, too. But I think his favorite part was the traditional paper fight. Andrew ran and hid in the kitchen, but not Ryan. He kept picking up wrapping paper and bringing it to his Great-Uncle Donnie. (He knew he was on the boys' team). I don't have any pictures of the grown-ups or the paper fight. Our camera broke while we were there. Hopefully I can get some of Dad's to post up.

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Christy said...

I'm lovin' those cookies!