Monday, December 8, 2008

For Uncle Damion

Many years ago (prekids) we were hanging out at the mall with Mom Scribner, Emily, and Damion, and Chad and I. There was a fantastic (also read tacky) jewelry store with huge gold crucifixes, replicas of the Virgin Mary, gigantic Jesus name plates, etc. You know the kind of store I am talking about. These things were completely gaudy. Think rap star bling. Damion walks in to the store and steps up to the counter. With a completely straight face he proceeds to enquire about purchasing one for his lovely wife. (Who, if I remember correctly is dressed from head to toe in either Ann Taylor or Talbots. Not really your 10 pound nugget around your neck kind of girl). Mom and I completely lost it. We had to leave the store. We had to walk around the corner. But remarkably Emily and Chad were able to stay in while Damion went through all of the pieces with the owner with a completely respectful and serious face. No one cracked a smile. I am sure that poor owner thought he was about to make a huge sale.

One morning this week, Andrew walked into the kitchen. "Look at my necklace I made Mommy. Isn't it pretty?" Around his neck he was wearing the stable from his Fisher Price Nativity set attached to gold mardi gras beads. Thanks to Damion's great example, I was able to keep a straight face long enough to grab the camera and tell Andrew how remarkable his bling was. He liked that word, bling. Now, if we could only get it dipped in gold, it was .
one of a kind.

(You can't tell fromthe picture but he also has the star flashing and playing Away in a Manger).


Jenny said...

So cute. You have to love how inventive they can be.

thehiattfamily said...

Nice necklace Andrew! Way to make me proud!!!

Janine said...

Good fashion sense! I love it.