Sunday, December 21, 2008

My 4 Year Old

Best Christmas Present Ever

1st Birthday

Two Years Old

Three Years Old

Four Years Old

I love my Andrew. He turned 4 years old today. It is so hard to imagine that he has been part of my life for so few years. I can remember the sadness of empty arms as we waited and prayed and fasted for this little boy. However the sadness is swallowed up in the love I have for this little guy. I love being a mommy. One is never lonely with Andrew around. He fills our home with fun and laughter.

Andrew's 4 Year Old Favorites

Colors: Orange and Brown
Movie: Polar Express
Interests: Space ships, trains, dinosaurs, painting, music, jokes
Talents: Memorizing long passages, reading 3 letter words, singing, riding a bike with training wheels, hopping on one foot, forward rolls, making funny faces, and introducing himself to everyone he sees
Food: Pizza
Restaurant: Chick-fil-A


Laura said...

We love our dear Andrew! Happy birthday cutie-pie! You are lucky to have your mommy and daddy and they are lucky to have you!

Christy said...

Happy Birthday to Andrew & Merry Christmas to you all!