Sunday, January 4, 2009

All Aboard for Family Fun!

We traveled to Spencer, NC yesterday to visit the NC Transportation Museum. The boys had a blast climbing on trains in the round house for an hour or so and then getting to take a 20 minute train ride. I think the highlight for both boys was when the conductor punched their tickets. (I am not sure why that is so thrilling, but they both got so excited about it). If you have not visited before, I highly recommend taking the drive. (That is if you have train obsessed kids like mine). The museum is free. If you have a science museum pass, the train ride is free, too!

This is the train we rode on. (Ryan carried that ticket around all day yesterday and today).

Ryan on the train.

Andrew excited about the trains he can see out the window while he rides on a train.

About 15 minutes away from the train museum is a park we fell in love with this spring. Dan Nicholas Park. The ticketed attractions are only open on Saturdays in the winter, but the playground more than makes it worth the trip if you go on a weekday. Since we were there on a Saturday, we went and ate our picnic there and then rode the train and carousel. Afterwards we played on the playground for a couple of hours before heading home. All of us had so much fun! And the entire day's entertainment cost us $8. (For the train and carousel ride for all four of us at the park).

Our family got the entire mini train to ourselves. It wasn't too crowded.

We did share the carousel with one other family.

Andrew easily climbed up this big rock, but it was a little harder for me. My belly kept getting in the way. Which it seems to do a lot lately. I am huge and still have until April.

Ryan climbed up here all by himself. Then wasn't quite sure what to do.

Andrew decided that if Ryan could do it, then he could do it and climbed all the way to the top.

Andrew found one last train to enjoy before heading home.


Kim said...

I didn't know our science museum passes could get us on the train! That's amazing!

Shelley said...

cute boys. you guys always have fun adventures!

Christopher said...

I loved going to the Train Museum in Spencer when I lived in NC. We love the little bonuses our memberships get us up here too.