Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Chad as a little guy

Chad making us giggle as he blows out his candles

Andrew trying to scrape up enough snow for a snowball to throw at me.

Ryan throwing a snowball at me.

Chad celebrated his 38th birthday on Tuesday this week! He woke up to snow! Only 1/2 inch, but snow nonetheless. The boys had a blast playing outside, and Ryan kept on his hat and mittens this time, so he was a happy camper. Chad still had to go to work, but we went out to dinner and had a few friends over for cake and ice cream.

I love you Chad. You are such a wonderful father and husband. Thank you for working so hard to provide for our family. Thank you for helping us laugh and for easing my burdens. You are the best of men and I am so blessed to to be married to you. I pray that our sons will follow in your footsteps and that our daughter is blessed to marry a man just like her Daddy.


Justin said...

Happy birthday to Chad!

Christy said...

Happy Birthday Chad! I'm glad you ordered snow for a present...we all enjoyed it with you. :) Man. 38. You are SO old! No...we aren't old until we hit 40, right? The cake looked scrumptious.

kruegfam said...

Wow, that picture of Chad as a boy DOES look like Andrew. At first I wondered whose glasses Andrew had on, and then my second thought was, "How did Danielle get that UNCLEANED picture by Chad for the blog?"

Sharon said...

Hi Danielle, Love your blog, I love seeng how cute your boys are and all the adventures they have. I cannot get over how much Andrew looks like Chad. I was like your mom, at first I thought it WAS Andrew.

CR said...

I also thought the picture of Chad was Andrew, too cute! Chad- we are glad that you are our friend, even though you are old. ;) Good thing you have such a hot trophy wife!