Sunday, February 22, 2009

Humpty Dumpty

I will begin this post by saying that I am an idiot. I have heard of mommy brain and people feeling like they lose brain cells with each child. I laughed along, but didn't really believe it. Just another excuse. But Friday, I lost my mind. I truly believed that at 7 months pregnant that I could outrun our garage door with no problem. I have done it many times before. It isn't that hard, it isn't like it goes really fast. So I buckled my boys into the van, ran back into the garage and pressed the close button. Then I forgot anything I ever knew about physics, gravity, or really common sense for that matter. I ran to the door hunched over in half. I remember thinking, "It is a little close, but I can still make it." Next thing I know, the garage door hit me in the back and pushed me forward flat on my stomach onto the driveway. HARD. My hands and knees hit next. The wind was completely knocked out of me and I laid there hoping at first no one had seen me. Then I realized I couldn't get up and decided I would really like someone to see me and come help me. No one came, and eventually I caught my breath, climbed into the car, and drove over to my neighbor's house. (I knew I couldn't carry the boys back into the house or climb our stairs). I bandaged up my bleeding leg and called the nurse who said I should come in immediately, but that everything was probably okay. A very worried Chad met me and the boys there.

They pulled out the doppler first thing to listen for a heart beat, and couldn't find one. I hadn't really panicked until this point. Then the nurse said, "Oh, I think it is just the doppler. " Luckily it was just the doppler. Eventually it worked and we heard a heartbeat that was just fine." Then the doctor arrived. She checked me out and everything seemed fine. Then she decided to measure me. She got his funny look on her face and measured me again. Then in a very sweet and unnaturally chirpy voice, "Well, you are measuring 5 weeks larger than you were two weeks ago. It probably doesn't mean anything, so don't worry. But I think we should do a scan just so you won't worry. Just in case something happened to your placenta. But I think it is all okay. " Well again, I hadn't really been worried until that point.

So they took me into the ultrasound room and all the nurses in the hall looked at me with worried glances and asked if I was okay and said "so sorry you fell," as we walked there. Again, making me a bit nervous. But when they did the scan everything was fine. Blueberry started bouncing around and moved into the perfect position to get this clear shot of her little face. They even switched over to the 3D scan for us at no cost. Everything checked out great. She was perfectly fine and healthy and strong. It was nice to be able to see her. There really is no explanation for why I was measuring bigger. But I can definitely tell a difference in how I am carrying her since I fell. My clothes fit differently and she is much lower. Maybe she got smooshed into a new position. Who knows. I am just grateful she is okay. And excited I got to see her again! Though now I think I would just like to wait until she comes on her own in April.

My Monkey

Andrew started gymnastic class last week at Salem Gymnastics. He loves it! The teachers are fabulous! It is a husband/wife team. (I taught their little boy in kindergarten several years ago. It is fun to have them teach mine, now). The set up is perfect for my active four year old. They start with a circle time and then go through stations in small groups. He tumbles, walks on balance beams, hangs on bars, jumps into the foam pit. The entire hour the children are moving and listening to verbal instructions. He is exhausted after wards, but loves every minute of it! The class also includes sports skills development, last week they practiced dribbling. After the first lesson I asked him if he wanted to come back again next Wednesday. "Um, Mom, no...I think I want to come back on Thursday." Our week now revolves around how many days until Wednesday.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Our family loves to celebrate holidays and Valentine's Day is no different! Chad took me out on a really nice date on the 13th, but the 14th is reserved as a family date.

For Family Home Evening this week we made our Valentine cards and mailed them off to our cousins. (I hope those who received them in the mail could tell they were trains. I was worried they might not survive the trip). Then we delivered the rest to our friends locally.

This week we tried to catch each other doing loving things and using loving words. If we caught someone being loving, we got to put a candy heart in a jar. When the jar was full we got to have a party for Valentine's Day. (Amazingly, we filled our jar up Saturday morning, just in time for our afternoon party! Imagine that!)

On Valentine's morning we woke up and made heart-shaped waffles together and served them with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. (My friend at Cub Scouts taught me how to make these cute chef hats). After breakfast we went to a wonderful primary activity at church together and then headed to Costco for a fun samples lunch.

After naps, the party began! We made heart-shaped pizzas together and ate dinner by candle light with sparkling cider.

We played a stacking game with candy hearts and Valentine Bingo. We also played a lot of Rock Band. For dessert we ate yummy chocolate fondue with angel food cake, strawberries, bananas, grapes, apples, and clementines.

(Andrew sorted all of his hearts before playing Bingo and was very concerned that RYAN kept eating the game pieces. He was okay with eating some himself, though).

(Ryan thought the game was see if you can fit as many in your mouth as you can stack high).

After dessert, we blew up balloons, put on our jammies, and had a Valentine's dance. We danced to the Laurie Berkner Band, our boys' favorite dancing music. It was a really fun day. We read a Valentine's Day story, tucked the littlest ones into bed and Mommy and Daddy enjoyed a quiet night alone.

(Ryan is pretending to be a tree).

My Shadow

"I have a little shadow that goes in and out with me,
And what can be the use of him is more than I can see."- Robert Louis Stevenson as quoted by Andrew

Andrew has a little shadow. He follows him from adventure to adventure, moment by moment. His shadow knows that whatever Andrew is doing must be much more fun than anything he can think of on his own, so he tags along and copies Andrew. If Andrew is playing trains, then his shadow plays with trains. If Andrew plays with space ships, then his shadow puts down the trains and joins him. If Andrew uses a fork, then his shadow demands a fork. If Andrew slides down the slide head first, along comes his shadow for the ride.

And now his shadow even dresses like him. The boys have a new dresser and Ryan can reach his own clothes. Andrew got dressed in blue pants and a red shirt. Ryan watched him, went to his drawers, sifted through his pants, and pulled out a blue pair. He walked over to the closet and took down a red shirt. "And-oo, And-oo," he insisted. I think if Andrew jumped off a cliff, Ryan would, too. Luckily Andrew is currently oblivious to his power. Not sure how long that will last however. I hope he is a good example to his little brother.

February Zoo Trip

The weather was warm enough, so a friend and I headed to the zoo this week with our 5 kids! The kids were wonderful and the weather was even better! I don't have a lot of pics, but here are two I thought were pretty cute.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Big Boy Bed

Ryan made the transition to a big boy bed this week! He sleeps there for naps and bedtime. He asks for the lamp to be on, but then covers his face with a book. Silly guy!

Spaghetti Head

Ryan was taking a long time to eat his dinner, so I went to help Andrew get ready for bed, and Chad was working on something in another room. Then we hear Ryan gleefully exclaiming, "I'm done! Hat, hat! I'm done!" I knew what I'd find before I even entered the room.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Little Boy Who Cried...Dinosaur?

Last night for FHE we had a lesson on honesty. We read the story of the Boy Who Cried Wolf and then played a Spin the Bottle type game about honesty. When the bottle pointed to you, you got to answer a question about telling the truth. Like, "You are playing with a friend's toy and you accidentally break it, what should you do?" or "You bump into your brother and he starts to cry. Mommy asks you why he is crying. What should you say?"

Andrew came up with great answers to our questions. So when he asked if he could ask us questions, we said sure! Not sure he quite caught on to the point, but here are our two favorites. We both had tears running down our cheeks from laughing so hard.

1- (With a very serious face) "Daddy, you go to see the doctor, and then you see Captain Hook, and Hook hits you in the head. What should you do?"

2-And his second question totally outdoes his first. (Again with a very serious face). "Mommy you see a wolf, and you cry, "Wolf" but there really isn't a wolf, but then you see a dinosaur...and the dinosaur eats you. What should you do?"

How would you respond?