Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Monkey

Andrew started gymnastic class last week at Salem Gymnastics. He loves it! The teachers are fabulous! It is a husband/wife team. (I taught their little boy in kindergarten several years ago. It is fun to have them teach mine, now). The set up is perfect for my active four year old. They start with a circle time and then go through stations in small groups. He tumbles, walks on balance beams, hangs on bars, jumps into the foam pit. The entire hour the children are moving and listening to verbal instructions. He is exhausted after wards, but loves every minute of it! The class also includes sports skills development, last week they practiced dribbling. After the first lesson I asked him if he wanted to come back again next Wednesday. "Um, Mom, no...I think I want to come back on Thursday." Our week now revolves around how many days until Wednesday.


Christy said...

That is so fun! You guys looked like you had a great time on Valentine's day too.

CR said...

He is so smart! He looks and sounds so happy.

Gina said...

Ohh, so fun! If we end up anywhere near there, my kids would LOVE to join in!