Sunday, March 22, 2009


We have been working together as a family on our second square foot garden the past week. Last Saturday, my dad came up from Ft. Bragg and helped Chad make the box and cage for our garden. On Monday, I hoed up all the grass from our garden spot with the boys (and a friend who dropped by).

Saturday we were ready to mix the dirt and a had a fun time outside with the boys preparing our second square garden for planting. (Which we will plant seeds in for FHE on Monday). Andrew and Ryan have enjoyed helping out with their tools in the building and the digging.

Andrew discovered earthworms (but kept calling them worldworms). He thinks they are very cool and was very concerned about us hurting them while we dug.

He also rediscovered his love for the hose.

Last year when we gardened, he was very excited about building "Mr. McGregor's Garden." This year, he was insistent that we needed to find an "old man" to get some "beans from, but they have to be magic beans." Then we can "grow a beanstalk and climb up and get rid of the mean old giant." Ryan liked the dirt, but seemed to be more interested in the new sand Daddy put in the sandbox yesterday as well. (The sandbox was in the backyard where we were not working, so there are only a couple of pics of Ry-guy).

Chad also planted a Kwanzan flowering cherry tree in our front yard yesterday. She is a little gal, but she should grow to be 30 feet. I really wanted a white "popcorn tree" but was outvoted by the boys in the family who wanted a pink tree. It is beautiful (or will be) and I am excited to have the big hole in our front yard filled. (Andrew however is not. He is quite upset that Daddy filled in his space shuttle).

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Mary said...

Ya'll have been busy. There's one way to learn all about gardening--doing it. You guys are almost experts.