Sunday, March 22, 2009

Green Day!

Last year I went all out for St. Patrick's Day. This year was a little different. My strong nesting instinct won out, and I could not bring myself to destroy the house or sprinkle green sprinkles everywhere. So for FHE on Monday night, we studied Noah's Ark. We made a torn paper rainbow together as a family.

While we slept, the leprechauns came to our home and were going to make a mess, but they saw our rainbow and decided that they loved it so much, that instead they left a trail of shamrocks from the boys' room to the rainbow in the kitchen where they left a pot of gold. (candy)

The boys were thrilled and had a great time following the trail. They were even more excited about discovering that the gold was chocolate. Although you can see Andrew's concern over the "one chocolate before breakfast restriction." He is quite the debater these days. Ryan didn't care to wait for the analytical discussion between Daddy and Andrew.

We ate cereal with green milk for breakfast and then had our school day with lots of fun St. Patrick's Day stories, games and crafts. The boys made these cute hats and Andrew laced a shamrock while Ryan colored one.

We made and ate rainbow jello. We read Green Eggs and Ham and of course ate that for lunch. For dinner, Andrew and Ryan helped me sort the tri-color rotini noodles and we cooked just the green ones and had pesto pasta with green beans, green grapes, kiwi, rolls and green butter. We finished with yummy green ice cream. It was a very fun day together.


Christy said...

Is this you not going 'all out?' What a amazing day! I dressed my kids in green shirts. (Austin insisted that he still liked blue he was pinchable all day)

I love your garden...I don't think I have the courage this year.

Wendy said...

What awesome ideas. With all those years of teaching behind you, these great ideas probably just come natural now. Good luck with the garden!