Sunday, March 8, 2009


We woke up Monday morning to several inches of snow. Andrew was so excited. "Oh Mommy look! Heavenly Father sent us enough snow to make a snowman!" We bundled everyone up after breakfast and headed outside. Andrew plopped right on the ground and made a snow angel.

Unfortunately the snow was too powdery for a snowman. Instead we decided to try sledding. We live in NC, so we don't get a lot of snow and don't have a sled. First we tried the recycling bin.

It didn't work too well. Then I remembered how we used to take the cafeteria trays in college on snow days. I ran inside and grabbed a couple of broiler pans. They worked great! Chad grabbed wax paper to make them go even faster.

Ryan cried the entire time we were outside, unless he was on the sled.

He kept crying "inside, inside," would throw himself on the snow, and kick his hands and fists in a real two year old tantrum. I would pick him up and he would throw himself right back down on the ground again.

Then as soon as it was his turn on the sled, he has happy as could be. Just like a light switch.
We went inside to warm up and Ryan fell asleep on the chair while I fixed lunch. He was one tired boy after all that crying and sledding.

After naps we headed out for round two. This time friends came over.

It had warmed up enough that the snow was ready to be packed into a snowman!

Luckily two very sweet young women from the ward helped us build ours. How many of you have tried to roll a snow man 8 months pregnant? I was quite the sight, so was grateful for their "womanpower." Andrew was so excited about the snowman, but not as excited as Ryan.

He was a completely different kid in the snow after a nap. He filled buckets with snow, made snow angels, and helped build the snowman. He crawled around in the snow pretending to be a puppy.

When it was time to go in and start dinner, Ryan staged a sit-in. He ran away from me, plopped down in the snow facing away from the house, refusing to move.

Luckily Daddy came home a few moments later and brought the boys back out for one last play time on the sleds as the sun set.


Katie said...

Darling pictures! We got snow as well, it was a lot of fun. Your boys are so cute! We miss you guys!!!

Wendy said...

I love that last photo with Ryan looking at the snowman with the sun in the background. It's like he was saying goodbye to it, knowing the sun would melt it soon.

kruegfam said...

How fun! I wish we were close enough by to have enjoyed the day with you!

Wendy said...

Way to exert your opinions Ryan! Unfortunately, sit-ins only work when you're too big to be easily picked up and carried into the house. Good try though!

I loved the pictures. What a wonderful day!

Mary said...

I'm so glad you all got to enjoy the snow so much. It wouldn't be nearly so special if it snowed all the time in the winter. Nice also that it was in the high 70's later in the week. Got to love North Carolina. Love the pictures!

thehiattfamily said...

Awesome Snow Pictures. I especially love the last one.

Janine said...

I love hearing about Ryan's emotional swings. Life is so intense at that age!

CR said...

Your boys are so adorable, they take great pictures! I am so glad you made me stop being a lame mom & get out in the snow. And thank you for taking our pictures, I am SO glad to have proof that I actually ventured out. You are a very good friend!