Sunday, April 26, 2009

At Home

We said good-bye to Nana this morning. She stayed with us for the entire week. The boys had so much fun with her and Chad and I are so grateful for her help.

Here are just a few shots of Molly from yesterday. We had to throw one of her crying in, just to show that she isn't sleeping or nursing 100% of the time. Though she really doesn't cry very often.

And we also wanted to prove that Andrew and Ryan are still here, too. They are loving having Daddy at home to play with and had a blast with Nana, too. She has been their personal playmate this week. They have bowled, blown bubbles, played in the water table, gone to Chuck E. Cheese's, and Krispy Kreme. Then today, Aunt Emily came from Utah. They are in heaven!

Ryan and Andrew are adjusting to having a baby sister. Ryan is fascinated by her. He climbs into the chair by the window in the living room and demands "I hold Baby Sister" at random times during the day in the middle of playing. He loves to kiss her. He likes to count her eyes and nose and feet. One day in the hospital her little feet were tucked up under her and out of the bottom of the jammies. He noticed and started saying, "Oh no! Where'd her feet go? UH-OH! No feet Baby Sister." He still doesn't call her Molly, unless we ask him to say the baby's name. Then he says "Ma-wee."

Andrew likes to talk to her and about her. He calls her beautiful and tells her he loves her. He is very fascinated by her nursing. This morning I told Andrew I was feeding Molly and would be able to help him in a moment. He explained to me very matter of factly that Molly "doesn't eat and she isn't hungry. Milk is a drink, Mommy. She is thirsty and she drinks." He calls her Molly Rose Scribner most of the time.

"Ryan, blow some bubbles for us."

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Molly Rose Scribner

We came home with Molly yesterday. Her big brothers were thrilled to have her home and are eager to dote on her and tell her how pretty she is. They love to help burp her. Ryan likes to count her fingers and toes. Andrew is really happy to have Mommy home and takes lots of opportunities to tell me how glad he is I am at home and how much he loves me.

Chad and I had such a hard time choosing a name for our darling girl. We had narrowed the list down to 3 names that we absolutely loved, but as we were not having triplets, we could only use one name. Our nurse was a bit agitated that she couldn't finish her paperwork. (And as an organized control freak myself, I don't blame her). We decided to name her Molly and called up the nurse to tell her. Then 15 minutes later, Chad called her back and said we had changed our mind, her name was Samantha. Then 20 minutes after that, we made the final call to the birth certificate office and changed her name back to Molly. I don't think we are winning any "Favorite Patient" Awards with our nurse, Meredith.

I have been blessed with wonderful examples in my life. Chad and I have the most wonderful mothers in the world. Both are strong and noble women who work and serve with their whole hearts, minds, and strength. Both are women who put their family and the Lord first. Molly Rose is named in honor of them. Molly is a nickname for Mary, Chad's mother's name and Rose is my mother's name. We hope that our Molly will grow up to be the like the two women she is named after.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Welcome to the World, Baby Girl!

Our Sweet Daughter was born 7:59am, April 20, 2009.

She weighed in at a whopping 8 pounds 10.6 ounces. She was 21 inches long.
Her newborn clothes fit perfectly with no extra room.

Mommy and baby did well during delivery and both are recovering well.

Daddy's already wrapped around her little tiny finger.

So are her big brothers.

Ryan gave her hundreds of kisses. Just couldn't get enough.

Aunt Rachey snuggled with her in the blanket she gave to baby girl.

Papa was here to welcome his first granddaughter.

And Nana is here this week to welcome her granddaughter and to entertain her grandsons. Thank you so much Mom! Nana says she looks a lot like I did when I was born.

She has lots of black hair, like her mommy did when she was born.

She looks different in every picture.

Still not sure what we will name her, but she is adored and all ours.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Countdown to Baby Blueberry

This week has been a whirlwind of activity as we prepared for baby sister's arrival. I had my kitchen floor remodeled and was out of my house two days during the daytime. I had three dr appointments, a baby shower given to me by Chad's work, Ryan's 2 year old pictures, hosted book club at my house, and attended a farewell party for a friend. I also checked off the final few items on my to-do list. But the week is over and my time to nest has run out. I have one or two projects I didn't get to finish, but for the most part my to-do list is done. All that is left is the waiting for baby Blueberry. I need to go to bed, but i am too anxious/excited. So I thought I would blog to all of you. By the time most of you read this, she will be here.

I have:

4 weeks worth of homemade meals in the freezer ready to go. (So grateful for a large freezer. Just double cooked for a month).

3 days worth of baby girl clothes packed in a bag in her new girly nursery

2 very excited big brothers

And 1 GIGANTIC belly. (It is a fact. I am not a cute pregnant person. And I am not saying it for validation so that you will all write that I am . I know I am not and I am okay with that. I am just so thrilled that we are able to have children and know that my body is doing what it was designed to do. I know that I can exercise and be where I want to be again, but that it will be a long hard road. I won't be going out in a swimsuit next week. I really am okay with that. But with all three pregnancies I have had complete strangers and even people I know make comments about how huge I am. This time the rudest was in Fayetteville when a stranger asked if I was having twins and then told me I was the hugest pregnant person she had ever seen. So here is a pic for all of you so you can see the HUGEST PREGNANT PERSON EVER). :)

With ZERO NAMES FOR HER! I think I am the most indecisive person ever!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

We woke up early on Easter morning and enjoyed our baskets from the Bunny. We went to church at 9am with 2nd ward so we could make lunch at Too-Too's home. (Our congregation meets at 1pm). These are pics of the boys in their Easter suits. The children were singing and Andrew wanted to sing with them. He knew the song, so I let him go up to the stand when the other children did. Then he managed to position himself in the center, on the step stool, and grab onto the microphone. He was ready! Luckily a wise bishopric member had already turned off the microphone. But Andrew didn't care that it wasn't working. He just held onto the microphone and sang the song. (Not even in his own congregation). Glad my kid is not shy or anything. :)

At my Too-Too's house (my grandmother, the boys great-grandmother) we have a huge egg hunt every year. We bring eggs filled with candy and money for the kids to find. I remember how hard it was to wait as a little girl for all the grown ups to eat and then hide eggs. This year the kids all went out and picked all of the dandelions in the yard while they waited for us slowpoke grown-ups. Handfuls upon handfuls of dandelions.

My cousins had so much fun hunting when we were little. I love now that my cousins and I are now the moms and dads and our little ones are hunting together. I also really appreciate my Nanie, Aunts and Mom for helping continue the tradition. They don't even have little ones hunting and they bring candy and money and eggs for my kids. Thanks so much!

Andrew and Ryan knew just what to do! Andrew even found one of Nanie Too-Too's Prize eggs. I think Ryan had almost as much fun opening his eggs, emptying them, and putting them back together as he did hunting. It was so wonderful to see my family and spend the beautiful day with them.

Ry-Guy is 2!


Our Ryan turned 2 on Friday. We had such a fun day. We opened up presents from our family before Daddy headed out to work for a half day. Then that evening we had planned on having a baseball party at the park. But it got rained out. So lots of friends and family came to our house and celebrated indoors during the thunderstorm. We had a baseball cake, ice cream, peanuts, and homemade "cracker jacks." Ryan gave all of his friends baseball bats and balls. He received lots of nice gifts.

Ryan is such a joy in our family. He makes us laugh all the time. He has started talking really well and is in that fun stage where he speaks everything he thinks. "Me climb into high chair." or "I need to eat candy. You open it." He is a chatter box at home, but fairly quiet in public. The most common words out his mouth are "Ry do it!" and "Where'd Andoo go?" He has also started tattling on Andrew, much to Andrew's dismay. "Andoo hit Ry foot. Andoo go time-out." Ryan loves to play outside and never wants to come inside. He eats twice as much food as his four year old brother. He loves putting together puzzles and taking things in and out. He loves playing ball and jumping on the trampoline. He prefers Andrew's company above all others. Ryan gives great hugs and kisses. He is very obedient. He listens and follows two to three step directions really well. He recognizes 3 letters of the alphabet. (A,B, O). He makes up and sings songs often. "I like trucks. I like Mommy, I like brother." I love you my Ry-guy!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Conference Weekend

We had a lovely Conference weekend at home. We worked in the yard, made freezer meals, and played outside on Saturday before and between sessions.

We played games together and painted eggs before and between sessions on Sunday. During the sessions the boys did a fantastic job of listening to part of conference and then playing quietly so we could listen. I was so grateful to be able to hear our prophet and apostles speak to us. Andrew really watched a lot more of it then I thought he would. We had talked about it all week long. He told me he really liked the singers and the gold 'orchestra' (organ), but that there was too much talking. He also told me that President Monson didn't have any hair and that you couldn't have any hair to be a prophet. Anytime an apostle with hair stood up, Andrew told me they weren't an apostle or a prophet because they had too much hair.

The boys were excited to paint eggs Sunday afternoon. Most of Andrew's were orange (of course). Ryan kept saying he wanted green paint, but pointed to lots of colors when he said green. Sometimes it meant green, other times it meant pink or blue or purple. (We still aren't there with the color thing). What he is clear about however is how he feels about being dirty. He would paint a little until paint would get on his fingers. "Hands dirty. Wipe!" We'd clean him up and he'd paint a few more strokes and then ask for his hands to be washed again. "I roll egg," he'd say and then roll the egg in the paint on his tray. Then ask for a wipe. He doesn't mind getting dirty, as long as we clean him immediately upon demand.