Sunday, April 5, 2009

Baby Sister

Ryan is very talkative these days. He has a pretty big vocabulary. "Ry do it!" and "Where Andoo go?" are his favorite things to say, though.
One of his favorite subjects is "Baby Sista." He goes around the house and points out everything that is "Baby Sista's." "Baby Sista's chair, tat's Baby Sista's bed. Tat's Baby Sista's shoes." We brought out a doll last week and I was showing him how to be gentle and loving with the baby. Ryan picked up the doll and hugged her softly. He touched and named each part of her softly. "Baby Sista's eyes, Baby Sista's ears, Baby Sista's nose....Ry soft." Then he gently placed her down and went and got a toy fire truck. "Fire twuck cwash baby. Cwash, cwash, cwash fire twuck" as he rammed her repeatedly in the head.

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thehiattfamily said...

Okay-that's funny. Obviously you cannot leave a two year old unattended with a baby no matter how good or gentle they may seem. Do I need to remind anyone of the "sippy cup" incident?