Sunday, April 5, 2009

Conference Weekend

We had a lovely Conference weekend at home. We worked in the yard, made freezer meals, and played outside on Saturday before and between sessions.

We played games together and painted eggs before and between sessions on Sunday. During the sessions the boys did a fantastic job of listening to part of conference and then playing quietly so we could listen. I was so grateful to be able to hear our prophet and apostles speak to us. Andrew really watched a lot more of it then I thought he would. We had talked about it all week long. He told me he really liked the singers and the gold 'orchestra' (organ), but that there was too much talking. He also told me that President Monson didn't have any hair and that you couldn't have any hair to be a prophet. Anytime an apostle with hair stood up, Andrew told me they weren't an apostle or a prophet because they had too much hair.

The boys were excited to paint eggs Sunday afternoon. Most of Andrew's were orange (of course). Ryan kept saying he wanted green paint, but pointed to lots of colors when he said green. Sometimes it meant green, other times it meant pink or blue or purple. (We still aren't there with the color thing). What he is clear about however is how he feels about being dirty. He would paint a little until paint would get on his fingers. "Hands dirty. Wipe!" We'd clean him up and he'd paint a few more strokes and then ask for his hands to be washed again. "I roll egg," he'd say and then roll the egg in the paint on his tray. Then ask for a wipe. He doesn't mind getting dirty, as long as we clean him immediately upon demand.


Christy said...

Amazing. I think I heard about 2 uninterrupted sentences and the only other thing I accomplished was sitting on a chair outside. You amaze me.

Danielle said...

Christy, it helped that we starved them until conference time and then fed them tons of their favorites on a picnic blanket in the living room. It bought us a good 30-40 minutes. LOL

Janie Mann said...

Danielle, Sounds like a fun Conference Weekend. Your boys have such nice hair! I've been in primary since we moved to SL and was teaching the 11-12 year olds and loved it, it's been my first teaching experience. A few weeks ago I got called into the presidency and immedately thought of you. I know there is a ton I could learn from you-you're the master! Let me know if you have any sharing time or activity day tips! Love you-Janie

Jenny said...

Even though they may be a little distracting it is great to have the kids with us at any age to listen/watch conference. I was always so surprised when they would later comment on things that were said during the talks. We didn't have Nathan and Abby this time and it was definitely different.
Even at my age I still like the whole picnic thing during conference!