Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

We woke up early on Easter morning and enjoyed our baskets from the Bunny. We went to church at 9am with 2nd ward so we could make lunch at Too-Too's home. (Our congregation meets at 1pm). These are pics of the boys in their Easter suits. The children were singing and Andrew wanted to sing with them. He knew the song, so I let him go up to the stand when the other children did. Then he managed to position himself in the center, on the step stool, and grab onto the microphone. He was ready! Luckily a wise bishopric member had already turned off the microphone. But Andrew didn't care that it wasn't working. He just held onto the microphone and sang the song. (Not even in his own congregation). Glad my kid is not shy or anything. :)

At my Too-Too's house (my grandmother, the boys great-grandmother) we have a huge egg hunt every year. We bring eggs filled with candy and money for the kids to find. I remember how hard it was to wait as a little girl for all the grown ups to eat and then hide eggs. This year the kids all went out and picked all of the dandelions in the yard while they waited for us slowpoke grown-ups. Handfuls upon handfuls of dandelions.

My cousins had so much fun hunting when we were little. I love now that my cousins and I are now the moms and dads and our little ones are hunting together. I also really appreciate my Nanie, Aunts and Mom for helping continue the tradition. They don't even have little ones hunting and they bring candy and money and eggs for my kids. Thanks so much!

Andrew and Ryan knew just what to do! Andrew even found one of Nanie Too-Too's Prize eggs. I think Ryan had almost as much fun opening his eggs, emptying them, and putting them back together as he did hunting. It was so wonderful to see my family and spend the beautiful day with them.


Christy said...

what cute boys you have....all 3 of them!

rlw said...

Your boys are so cute! Good luck with your baby girl-I hope all goes well!