Sunday, April 12, 2009

Ry-Guy is 2!


Our Ryan turned 2 on Friday. We had such a fun day. We opened up presents from our family before Daddy headed out to work for a half day. Then that evening we had planned on having a baseball party at the park. But it got rained out. So lots of friends and family came to our house and celebrated indoors during the thunderstorm. We had a baseball cake, ice cream, peanuts, and homemade "cracker jacks." Ryan gave all of his friends baseball bats and balls. He received lots of nice gifts.

Ryan is such a joy in our family. He makes us laugh all the time. He has started talking really well and is in that fun stage where he speaks everything he thinks. "Me climb into high chair." or "I need to eat candy. You open it." He is a chatter box at home, but fairly quiet in public. The most common words out his mouth are "Ry do it!" and "Where'd Andoo go?" He has also started tattling on Andrew, much to Andrew's dismay. "Andoo hit Ry foot. Andoo go time-out." Ryan loves to play outside and never wants to come inside. He eats twice as much food as his four year old brother. He loves putting together puzzles and taking things in and out. He loves playing ball and jumping on the trampoline. He prefers Andrew's company above all others. Ryan gives great hugs and kisses. He is very obedient. He listens and follows two to three step directions really well. He recognizes 3 letters of the alphabet. (A,B, O). He makes up and sings songs often. "I like trucks. I like Mommy, I like brother." I love you my Ry-guy!

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