Sunday, May 17, 2009


In Chad's family we seem to like to have babies in groups of two or three. Our Molly was born in April and Chad's sister Emily had a baby girl, Amelia on Monday. His sister Lara is expecting a baby girl in June. It is so fun to have cousins so close in age. It makes family get-togethers so much fun. We headed down Saturday to meet our newest niece. The big kids all played together so well. Andrew and Masen love to talk silly nonsense to each other. They laugh and laugh over things that none of the rest of us quite get, as we are not four. They were off with each other most of the day, so it was difficult to catch pics of them.

After dinner, Grandma toasted marshmallows in the oven and made s'mores for everyone. Ryan enjoyed eating his, but was concerned about his "door-ty" hands.

Ryan actually made us help him eat his at one point so that his hands wouldn't get messy again.

He was very upset about the napkins sticking to his hands.

After we all got cleaned up, we set down for a photo shoot with the newest members of our family.

"Who thinks Molly is too loud?"

Ryan holding Amelia.
One last shot of our gal. Having a baby with so many rolls is new to me.

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