Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

I know you were all wondering why we didn't post pics of Miss Molly yesterday. (okay maybe one of you wondered). We were having way too much fun over the holiday weekend with our little mini Stay-cation. My parents and sisters came up and spent the whole weekend with us and we had a blast!

Friday Night-We grilled out and enjoyed s'mores for dessert. We played hide and go seek and on the trampoline all evening. Then the boys camped out in our backyard. Well at least three of them. Ryan talked so much and nonstop for two hours, so Papa finally retreated into the house to get some sleep. (Yes...Ryan). And he wasn't talking to anyone. "Ryan has blankie. Ryan puts blankie here. Ryan put blankie on my feet. Noooo silly Ryan, Ryan put blankie down." This went on until 11:30pm. Andrew went right to sleep, through it all.

We headed to the zoo, as did everyone else in the state, apparently. (Silly me, I thought everyone would be at the pool or beach). We arrived a little after ten and enjoyed the Africa side.
We had a fun time seeing the animals and getting sprayed by the mist. The boys favorite thing is still the helicopter. My dad joked about that poor helicopter being held in captivity and not allowed in its natural habitat.

We planned on eating lunch and then shuttling over to the North America side. When we walked out the gates to get our cooler, this is what we saw. It was very difficult to catch on camera, but the line went across the bridge and up the side walk to parking lot 4.

In the middle of the bridge a park attendant was telling visitors that it was a half hour wait to buy tickets from that point. The line extended 4 times that length, so our guess is it was a two hour wait from the end of the line at that point. She also said that by 1pm they already had 15,000 visitors. Then there was a line an hour long for the shuttle to North America. We ate our lunch and went home.

Saturday night my sisters, Chad and my dad headed to Star Trek. Molly has been so fussy at nights, Mom and I stayed home. I just wasn't willing to pay $8 to stand in the foyer with my screaming child.

Sunday we headed to my Nanie's house for dinner where Molly met her Great-Uncle Melvin for the first time. I forgot the camera though.

Monday was the annual Memorial Day 5k and pancake run at our church. Chad ran last year and has trained all year to beat his time. He blew last year's time out of the water! I was so proud of him. My sisters and Papa ran too.



Papa came in second for the High Priests. Go Army!

Afterwards we had a fun pancake breakfast.

My mom and I stayed at the church with the little ones while they rode bikes. After the breakfast we came home and got take out for lunch and played Rock Band all afternoon. It was sad to see our family go home.

Molly was at the zoo with us and at the 5k and at the campout, but in a sling the whole time, so she was not photographed. Poor girl. Got carried everywhere she went this weekend and barely put down. What a horrible life she leads.

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CR said...

Way to go Chad! And your Dad is awesome! And seeing the names on that board makes me cry. I really miss you guys!