Sunday, May 10, 2009

Molly Meets More Family

Molly got to meet lots more of her family this week. On Tuesday, Grandma Mary, Uncle Damion, Aunt Emily, Masen, and Madylen came to meet her. Aunt Emily and Uncle Damion took all 4 big kids to Krispy Kreme. They had a really fun time. That evening, Ben, Jen, Alex, and Evin came over and ate Chinese with all of us.

On Friday Molly met her Great Aunt Linda and her Great Aunt Louise, as well as her Great Uncle Terry. (Somehow we missed a picture with Great Uncle Terry). We went to Greensboro to celebrate an early Mother's Day with Nana and Too-Too.

On Saturday, Grandpa Bud came to see Molly. Andrew and Ryan had a really fun time playing with him, too.

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Shana Taylor said...

AWWWW! He's such a cute Grandpa!!!