Sunday, May 31, 2009

Strawberry Picking in Pinnacle

We went strawberry picking as a family yesterday morning. The strawberries were mushy from all the rain we received this week, but we had a fun time.

Andrew did a great job picking and didn't eat any while we picked. He filled a bucket on his own.

Ryan picked enough to fill a bucket, but they all ended up in his mouth. He was in heaven. He was so enthralled with the experience that he only asked for a wipe for his "doorty" hands one time.

Molly slept happily in the snugli with her Daddy.

When we had filled four buckets, we came home and washed some to eat now, made one batch of jam, and froze the rest for later. Then we took pics of Molly in her outfit that matched the theme of the morning.


Jessica said...

LOVE Molly's outfit...LOL

Haylee said...

Molly's outfit is sooooo cute!

CR said...

Ditto on the outfit, you are the funnest Mom ever!

CR said...

Esther says, about Andrew and Ryan, "Hey they match shirts and they match hair!" ;)