Sunday, May 3, 2009

Week 2 at Home with Molly

We had a fun week at home together as we settled into a routine with our new baby girl. Here are a few of the highlights.

Daddy took the week off work and was a big help around the house. He did yardwork, took care of Mommy, and played with the children. He also spent a lot of time taking pictures of Molly and posting video games he is going to sell online. (We realized that out of the hundreds of pics we took this week, none are of Chad or me).

Mommy recuperated somewhat from her c-section and felt human enough to wear real clothes on Thursday and stopped taking the heavy pain killers. Hooray! Then came down with mastitis that same night and went back on the heavy pain killers and also an antibiotic. (Ouch!) One of her dearest friends moved away that same day, so she cried off and on the whole night, tears of sadness and tears of pain. She feels human again tonight and prepared to be the Mommy of three tomorrow all on her own. Say a prayer for her! She's a little more nervous then she would like to admit.

Our Andrew was in heaven again this week. His Aunt Emily (aka BYU, a nickname he has given her recently) was here all week long. I am afraid I will never be as fun as Nana, Emily, and Rachel. I worry about his withdrawal symptoms this week after three weeks of playmates. (Luckily his Grandma's flight from Switzerland just landed and he will get to see her sometime this week, too. The rest of us at our house may be under the delusion that she is coming to meet Molly, but Andrew KNOWS it is really just to play with him).

Speaking of playmates, Andrew's betrothed best friend and baseball bat (signing time fans will get the joke) moved away to Alabama this week. Here is a pic of their last playdate. They had a fun time playing outside in the water table. He is very sad that she moved away. This is the first "loss" Andrew has ever experienced.

Ryan has been the happiest little guy this week. (But really when is he not)? No jealousy towards his sister, just complete admiration and love. He hasn't tired of holding or kissing her.

He has also learned to sing the Batman and Superman theme songs and loves to wear his cape and yell "I Supa-man." or "I Bat-man!"

He adores his Aunt Emily and kept asking when she was going to wake up this morning at breakfast time. I guess he didn't realize she was really gone.

And then of course, our Molly. Molly has spent her time this week nursing, sleeping, being photographed, meeting realtives, and pooping. She was cooperative as Mommy dressed her up in lots of fun outfits and BOWS. She met Ben, Jen, Alex, and Evin this week when they came over to play and brought us dinner.

Evin had been talking about meeting Molly all day and hardly left her side all night.

Alex was a little less enthusiastic. He said a quick hello and headed off to play with Andrew.

Of course she met Aunt Emily Krueger, since she was here all week long.

When there are three adults in the house, there's a lot of camera flashes going off all of the time. I am sure we have taken over 500 pictures of Molly this week. Some of the pictures taken are bound to be great, and others just too horrible and funny not to share.

Here she is just really cute.

"What's up Dawg?" or a gang sign, not sure which.

Just wishing it had been her middle finger. I think she was trying to tell us how she felt about the brain squeezer that had fallen in her eyes.
(We have a great one of Andrew at this age flipping us the bird when we dressed him up in Build A Bear clothes).


Jessica said...

She is So beautiful (and I have to admit, I love the one of Andrew!) Please let me know what I can do to help you tomorrow. We could come play or come grab the boys for an hour or two. OR if it would be better we could wait and do it another time. Either way we will be praying for you to adjust well.

Janine said...

looks like you are all in heaven, not just Ryan! So many people to give Molly love.

Christy said...

Molly is just perfect. Seriously. Aren't babies suppose to be all squishy and strange looking when they are new borns? (I know mine were) She just has this perfect, gerber baby face. Gorgeous.

Wendy said...

What a nice week to have so many friends and family meet Molly. Good job documenting it! Take it easy with your c-section--give yourself a full six weeks to recover! And how in the world did YOU have the time and energy to promptly write me a thank you note! Go back to bed while you can!!!

kruegfam said...

I really did not think it was possible for Molly to look even more like you as a baby but she does. It actually brought a little lump in my throat and tear to the eye remembering just how sweet and beautiful Molly's (or is it change the y to i and add es JK) Mommie was as a baby. How did time go oh so quickly!?

Cortney said...

She is so cute!!! I got mastitis when Gracen was 5 days old- it was horrible with such a new baby!

Taylor said...

She is beautiful! I can´t believe how big your boys are getting either! Congrats!

CR said...

Wow, that still makes me cry, 8 months later!