Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fun with Our Cousins

On Monday we went to Pinehurst to celebrate Masen's 5th birthday at a swimming dinosaur party! It was very fun! Aunt Emily made a yummy chocolate cake shaped like a volcano. Andrew is a bit obsessed with volcanos these days and asked, "Where's the lava?" Then he answered his own question, "Oh I know, when you light the candles. That's the lava."

A local theater is offering summer movies for kids. Because I am so choosy about media with my kids, they have never actually been to a theater to see a movie since they were newborns and went on dates with mommy and daddy. So it was a very big deal for them to be able to go with their cousins Alex and Evin to see "Curious George" at the movie theater this week. They loved it and have asked to go back every day since.

Andrew and Alex sat together and watched the whole movie. Andrew got out of his seat once to bring me his empty popcorn box. His eyes never left the screen.

Ryan sat through the whole movie next to me. He kept saying,
"Monkey is big, Mommy. Dat monkey is funny."

Evin opted to sit on the floor next to Molly's car seat. Evin loves Molly and wants to be wherever she is. What a sweet big cousin.

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