Sunday, June 7, 2009

Gold Medal Day

Andrew has been taking gymnastics classes since February. The classes are lots of fun. They mainly consist of organized exploration on the equipment. The semester ended yesterday with a special "Gold Medal Day" Celebration. Andrew's class showed off their skills to all their fans. Nana, Papa, Em, and Rach came to cheer him on. Andrew walked on the balance beams, flipped on the bars, and did forward rolls on the mats. The event was set up into two circles. When they finished one loop, they were to go to the next loop. However, no adult was standing here to tell them to go to the next area. Andrew got stuck in the bar loop four times, before he finally went to do rolls on the mats. (After I came down from the balcony and encouraged him to try the other side). He did the rolls once and then they called time.

At the end Andrew received a gold medal which he wore proudly. Ryan gave him a big hug and a high five afterwards.


Kim said...

Gold Medal Day is a big day of fun and accomplishment. Andrew looks proud of himself and all that he did, which is awesome!

CR said...

Congrats Andrew, you are awesome! He looks like the most funnest kid there. ;)