Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

We had a really fun Father's Day with presents, homemade banners, cards, and yummy food. While we were shopping for Chad's present, Andrew and I had the following conversation.

Andrew-Mommy, I am really excited about Daddy's Day.
Me-Yeah, it should be really nice. I love the cool sign you made for him. Maybe you can help me cook breakfast on Sunday.
Andrew-Umm, actually I am really excited because we don't have to go to church on Father's Day.
Me-Really? Why not?
Andrew-We didn't go on Mother's Day! So Daddy shouldn't have to go on Father's Day.

(I was still not taking Molly to church yet on Mother's Day and so we drove to Pinehurst for the day. We got there too late for their church and left too early for the guys to make it to ours).

Andrew spent the next three days trying to convince me that we didn't really need to go to church. (He loves his primary teachers, I do not know why he prefers staying at home).

But, much to Andrew's dismay, Chad and I (AND the kids) attended a great sacrament meeting today where both speakers spoke about lessons they have learned from their fathers. On the way home from church, we talked about lessons we had each learned from our fathers. It was hard to choose just one or two like the speakers had done. It was a neat conversation as we contemplated the MANY times our fathers had set examples for us. We wondered what our kids would say they learned from us 20 years from now when they gave talks in their own congregations. We both have been blessed with fantastic fathers.

Chad said that he had learned kindness and respect for others from his dad. He said he had never seen his dad be unkind to anyone (even rude cashiers at Wal-mart). His dad is warm and friendly and is able to put people at ease. People just instantly know he is a good person.

I have been blessed to have two fathers in my life. My Dad, Gary, is a very hard worker. He goes the extra mile at his job and has a strong work ethic and commitment to quality. He takes responsibility for himself and those he supervises. I admire that in him and enjoy talking with him about his work. He is also a great grandpa and loves to play with his grandsons. I really appreciate the time and sacrifice he has made to be a part of my children's lives. It means more to me than I could ever put in words. I love you, Dad!

My Dad, Bryan, has taught me to have very clear priorities in life. He is committed first of all to our Heavenly Father, then our family, then our church, then his country. In that order. I know without a doubt that he loves God more then me, my sisters, or even my mom. And because of this, I know that he loves us more than he could if he did not love God more than us. He is a noble and courageous man. A man of great integrity. I love him and am grateful for his love for me.

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Wendy said...

Sweet tributes. I'm glad to know you didn't give into peer pressure and skip church!