Sunday, June 7, 2009

Molly's 6th Week

(Isn't this the goofiest little face?)

Molly has started smiling and "talking" to us. She mirrors our mouth movements and is truly expressing social smiles. They are hard to catch on camera though, because most of her smiles are when she is just finished nursing. Besides Mommy, she saves her biggest smiles for Ryan. Ryan will walk over, grab her hands and say, "Molly love me. She love me a lot. She smiling mommy." (which is true, she is smiling at him). Molly is sleeping much better, generally. This week she got to meet her cousins Ian and Mackenzie.

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CR said...

I LOVE HER, she is gorgeous! I miss her (and you too!) The goofy picture is hilarious and her smile is beautiful!