Sunday, June 14, 2009

Molly's 7th Week

Miss Molly, you were born into a family who likes to go! This week you got to go to Mommy's old school and met several of her former students and teachers and coworkers. Everyone thought you were beautiful. You traveled to Colfax and met your Great-Great Aunt Hazeline and Mommy's cousin Lesley and your double cousin, John.

You went to the hospital that same night and met adorable Baby Beckham Westbrooks.

On Saturday you traveled to the Raleigh temple and sat with your Nana while Mommy and Daddy went to see Alice Thurber sealed to her Mommy and Daddy. Alice wanted to hold you and would cry when we took you away from her. It was very sweet.

After the sealing we headed to Ft. Bragg to celebrate Aunt Rachel's 17th birthday a week early. (Our camera batteries died, so we didn't get any pics of you there).

Molly, you are such a joy to have in our home. You are sleeping really well some nights, and not so well on other nights. You have the biggest grins. You are still a very loud breather and sleeper. Today at church a little boy heard you breathing while you were sleeping. He looked up at his teacher and said, "She is totally faking." Molly, you now weigh 11.4 pounds. You smile all the time. Your brothers are still completely smitten with you. They love to sing to you. Right now their favorite lullaby is Tender Shepherd from Peter Pan. You seem to like it, too. You will stop crying when they sing it to you.


Haylee said...

"She is totally faking." Hahahaha!!! Absolutely hilarious the things kids say. :)

Wendy said...

What a sweet letter. She looks so big next to the newborn. Sweet lil' gal!

CR said...

Molly is so cute! What a fun week, so guys are so busy. I loved seeing Beckham & the Thurbers, we love them too!

Christy said...

Such a little angel!