Sunday, June 7, 2009

Peter Pan Fans

I was very active in our community theaters growing up. When I was a child, my mom and I performed in several musicals together. My first community theater play was The King and I. I played the princess that lifted up Missus Anna's skirt to see the hoop skirt. As a teenager I also participated in all of our high school drama department performances and continued performing in the community. I even had the lead a few times. I loved the neat people I met, the rehearsals, the costumes, and memorizing lines. I loved watching other performances and would volunteer to hand out programs, so I could get into all the local plays for free. I checked out play scripts from the library to read for fun. I watched musicals on the weekends with friends. The soundtracks played in my first car's tape player were Oklahoma, Phantom, and Les Mis. But what I REALLY I loved was being on stage in front of hundreds of people. I loved the rush of live performances.

Chad isn't as into theater as I am, but he will take me to see performances about once a year. (Usually if they are free). Each year the town of Lewisville puts on a free family theatrical production in their town square. We have gone several times as a couple, but had never taken the children before, mainly because the plays don't start until after 8pm. I found out a few months ago that they were performing Peter Pan this summer, and I couldn't wait to go with the boys! I decided that the 8pm showtime was fine for one night. I borrowed the musical stage version on video from my mom and the boys fell in love with it! They now know all the songs and were very eager to see the play. Their favorite song is "I Won't Grow Up!"

We arrived with a picnic dinner an hour and half early to make sure we got good seats. But, that didn't work. People had brought chairs there early in the morning and left them there to stake their territory. The row in front of us had chairs there since 3pm. (For an 8pm show). So our seats weren't very good, but we still had a fun time. The boys stood on the stroller the entire time and watched. They were mesmerized. Ryan kept saying "I see pirates, I see pirates. They not get me." He has worn his pirate costume all day today at home. Andrew sang along with all the songs and danced to a few of them. Andrew told me that we must be in Disney World because those were real pirates and real pirates live at Disney. This morning Andrew begged to go back again.

I am not sure if I created theater fans or pirate fans or both. I do know that they loved going as much as I hoped they would. I am hoping at least one of my kids loves theater as much as I do. I want a companion to go with me to plays and to sing show tunes at the top of my lungs with in the car.

FYI: Peter Pan plays again next week Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8pm. I highly recommend it and also recommend going at 9am to put up lawn chairs.


CR said...

You are the best mom! I am so jealous, I wish we could have been there with you guys. I'm so glad the boys had fun! Did Molly like it?

Katie said...

There is a great children's theater in Charlotte. Maybe we could meet you for a show next season!