Sunday, June 14, 2009

Slip Slidin' Away

Our family bought a Slip and Slide this week and have had a great time with it! The boys aren't actually sure about the whole "run as fast as you can and slide down the slip and slide" thing. The first night Chad pulled them down on the little float that came with it. Andrew has decided that his favorite way to go down is to do four forward rolls down the slide until he lands in the little pool at the bottom.

Ryan likes to walk down the slide and then jump in the bottom on his bottom. He likes to sip the water along the way.

Our cousin Alex caught on quick and is the only kid who uses it like the commercials and the box show you.

My favorite method however is Evin's. She likes to run down the slide completely NAKED. I didn't publish those pics, I don't really want to go to jail for child pornography. But trust me, she was very cute prancing up and down the slide on her tiptoes. Instead I will share one of her drinking the water fully clothed.

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CR said...

Hilarious! And good call on not posting naked. I wish we were there to have such a splashin' good time with you guys. Andrew and Ryan are both very original.