Sunday, June 28, 2009

Swim Lessons

Andrew is taking swim lessons this summer at Long Creek Pool, and loving it! He loves wearing goggles, (aren't they hilarious, who is that kid?), playing motor boat, and jumping into the pool. (He isn't too crazy about the whole floating thing or getting his face wet thing, yet).

Ryan loves his swim time with Mommy while Andrew takes lessons. I brought this float for a friend's baby, but Ryan decided it was fun to wear with his goggles.

This pic is for Nana. She bought this cute pirate hat for Ryan and he wouldn't wear it while she was here. After his nap, he wore it all afternoon.


kruegfam said...

That little raschal! I love him even if he doesn't comply when I am around.

CR said...

Good times! Glad to know Ryan has opinions too. ;)