Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mad Cows at Chick-fil-A

Chad thought it would be fun for our family to dress up like cows for Chick-fil-A night. He was right! We had a lot of fun, put forth very little effort, and got a free dinner and a SHOW. (I will get to the show part in just a moment). Chad printed out the free cow costume kit from the company website. We weren't sure what to glue our ears to, so we grabbed some hats.

Ryan was an engineer cow. We taught him to say "Moo-Choo-Choo."

Andrew was a pirate cow. "Argh-moo-ty!"

Molly was a baby cow. Since I am currently nursing, I was of course, a milk cow. We couldn't think of a clever title for daddy. There was even a real cow out back the boys got to pet.

We arrived and there were several other families also dressed as cows in order to get a free meal. Two women, both dressed as cows, in costumes much more elaborate than ours, got in a verbal fight. Still not sure exactly over what. Just heard lots of ranting about someone threatening the other person in the slide area. (REALLY??? in the play area?) All I know is it was LOUD, in front of their kids and my kids, and made the entire restaurant pretty uncomfortable. Mad Cow Mama 1 happened to know a manager and walked with her outside in tears. The manager, who was dressed as a farmer, came back in alone. Luckily, our kids were oblivious.

Right after the fight, I took Andrew and Ryan to the bathroom. Chad took Molly to get drink refills. When he got up to the counter, he overheard Mad Cow Mama 2 demanding that the manager give her the name and address of her friend Mad Cow Mama 1. My Hubby, dressed in cow costume himself, approaches the Farmer/Manager and moo-nuvered right into the situation.

Cow Hubby: Excuse me, but from a legal standpoint, you can't demand that information.
Mad Cow Mama 2: You can't?
CH: I know that this is a difficult situation, but you can't ask her to provide that person's home address and phone number. I just don't want anyone to get in trouble. If you gave her the information, it could be considered stalking or harassment.
MCM 2: We don't want to do that. We want it for the RIGHT reasons. (What would those be exactly, I wonder???)
CH: The way to go about it would have been to get the police down here. Now the police could ask for that info if they felt it was important. That would have been the appropriate way to handle it. But legally you don't have a right to demand that information.
MCM 2's Herd/Family: Man, we almost had it before you came up here.

I am not sure what possessed my husband to BULL-y his way into the situation, but he spoke with such authority, no one questioned him. He didn't know the people. It is not like he is a lawyer or a policeman or even a local politician. He was just spewing his opinion like it was fact. It was hilarious!

I think the manager looked relieved, as she was certainly looking COW-ardly next to Mad Cow Mama 2 and I think she really was about to give her friend's name and address to the irate woman. (I am not sure I would want to stay friends with the farmer/manager if I was Mad Cow Mama 1).

We went home at that point, the whole experience feeling UTTER-ly surreal, with everyone in costume. Although Chad started the outing without a cool cow name like the rest of us he certainly was full of BULL that night.


shelley said...

woah! what a show! i love all your cow tie-ins as you wrote the post. very creative. good thing for mad cow mama 1 that chad stepped in. i would hate to think what mad cow mama 2 was planning on doing with that phone number and address. oh, the things that can happen in a chick fil a.

ps - mad cow mama 2 sounds like my admin that used to work for me. she would SO have threatened someone in a chick fil a and then demanded their personal info so she could threaten them some more. i wonder if it was her...

kruegfam said...

very clever. Glad we are attending a blessing today and not a funeral! Sounds like something Bryan might do. Way to go Chad!

Kim said...

So much fun to see outrageous behavior. It always gives us something to laugh about later in life.

Romney Family said...

What a great post!

Katie said...

Chad, you are awesome! We've had our own run-ins at CFA. An older girl was bullying Davin (I was in the play room observing it and ready to leave because of it), collided with him, and then ran out to her dad crying that a boy had hit her. Though Davin was innocent, I wasn't in the mood for a confrontation so we took a swift exit. Somehow the manager got involved and came out to the parking lot to talk to me about it. I briefly told her what had happened and that we didn't want to deal with any confrontation and then left. It is amazing how people can get so worked up about the littlest things!

CR said...

I don't know how I missed this post, but I just found it today. That was hilarious! And I loved your writing, you are very creative. What crazy Mama cows, good job to Chad for saving the day! I'll have to be sure that I never let any CFA managers get my personal info.! ;)