Sunday, July 26, 2009

Molly's 13 weeks Old

What a fun week with Miss Molly. She is sitting up in her Bumbo chair and excited to be part of the action. She sits in it on the table while her brothers paint, on the playroom floor while they build towers, and in it in the living room while we read stories. Her big brothers are thrilled to have her so close and watching their activities. "She watching me." says Ryan, very often. She will often swing her arms and sometimes she actually manages to touch one of them. That sends Ryan over the top. "Mommy, she touching me, she touching me!" He is grinning ear to ear and then gets right next to her and tries to get her to touch him again.

Her other new trick that delights her brothers, and her parents, is giggling. She has the sweetest laugh and she shares it generously. We couldn't resist sharing it with you. Or these pics of her in this sweet dress from her Great-Grandma Stone. Aunt Ronda, can you make sure she sees these?


CR said...

Wow, what a beautiful baby girl! I clicked on the video & it said currently not available. Is that my computer, or is everyone getting the same thing?

Wendy said...

She's really looking like Chad these days.

Cute lil' gal!

CR said...

I finally got this video to work and I LOVE it! She is so adorable. Her laugh would make me laugh even on my worst day ever. She is too precious!