Sunday, July 19, 2009

Molly's Blessing Day-3 Months Old

"For the heritage that they left us, not of gold or of earthly wealth. But a blessing everlasting Of love and joy and health."

We sang these words together today after Chad blessed our daughter, Molly Rose at church. As I sat there, surrounded by 4 generations of family members, tears of joy sprang to my eyes. My eldest was in his aunt's arms, Ryan, in his grandpa's lap, and Molly was being held by her Great Grandmother. I am so blessed that both of my grandmothers have been able to meet my children. I was touched as I thought of the heritage that belongs to my sweet daughter. Of the noble birthright that is hers. Of the strong women in her life that will be examples to her as she grows up.

I am so grateful for the "rock our fathers planted." I am from a long line of godly men and women and so is my husband. Many of them were there with us today.

I am blessed daily by the wonderful family I was born into and the wonderful family I married into.

Thank you all for loving me. For loving my children. For being examples of truth and righteousness to them. For the tears you have shed in our behalf and prayers you offered as we longed for these sweet blessings, and also for sharing the sweet moments of happiness, like today.

Thank you for the role that you have played in my life as a little girl and that you continue to play now that I am a mom. I want that same thing for my children. To be surrounded by a strong and supportive family.

I know you are all very busy and that it is a sacrifice to drive all this way to be with us, but I am truly appreciative. I also appreciate you standing for all these pictures. Someday, I hope Molly looks at these and recognizes what a blessing her family is and how loved she has been her entire life, as I have felt loved and supported my entire life. (I also know that there are many family members who love us and that we love who could not be with us today. You were missed).

So my dearest Molly, my daughter of a noble birthright, look at the examples of your family who love you, and "carry on, carry on, carry on."


Andrea said...

Wow. What gorgeous pictures. Thank you for sharing.

jennielouwho said...

Those are beautiful pictures Danielle!

kruegfam said...

Wow, why don't I ever get the picture of the older one kissing the newest one? jk What a sweet tribute. You are such a wordsmith!

shelley said...

very sweet post. i feel the same way. i'm grateful for families!!

CR said...

She is absolutely gorgeous! What a wonderful day. You also look beautiful Danielle, and you are such an awesome mom!

Janine said...

What a special day. Molly looked so sweet and beautiful!