Sunday, July 5, 2009

Molly's 10 Weeks Old

Molly continues to be a fantastic sleeper, sleeping anywhere between 11-15 hours a night this week. Wow! She is the most contented and happiest little gal when she is awake. She smiles a lot. She has become a master at finding her hand and sucking on it.

Her brothers still adore her. Ryan walks up to her and says, "Molly like me." Andrew still tells her all the time that she is lovely, and beautiful, and adorable. (His wife will be a lucky woman).

Molly celebrated her first Fourth of July in style. A friend from church gave us this little ruffly outfit at my shower.

I have saved it for the Fourth. I think the big ruffly bum is cute and funny.

Molly was startled by the first firework at the Fourth, but then recovered pretty quickly, and seemed to be watching them intently after that.

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