Sunday, August 16, 2009

Family Fun at Fort Bragg

My littlest sister,Rachel, came and stayed with me this week. I love having her here and it never seems long enough to me and probably too long for her. We had a blast canning peaches, corn and green beans together, shopping, going to the movies, and taking the kids on outings, like Chuck E. Cheese. We also managed to squeeze in some time to do college research and AP projects.

At the end of the week we drove down to Bragg to take Rachel home and to say good-bye to Emily before she heads back out to BYU. We were supposed to go to the beach, but it was rainy. Instead we headed to the children's museum and to the 82nd Airborne Museum. Both were awesome and both had special programs on Saturday. We all went, but somehow, Molly, Chad, Papa, and I all avoided the camera.

The children's museum had a special train show that day, much to the delight of the train enthusiasts in our family (Andrew, Ryan and Nana). The boys and their Aunts had a fun time playing dress up and trying out lots of different careers.

At the military museum there happened to be an anniversary celebration for the 82nd Airborne, so there were special exhibits outside that are not normally there. They got to climb inside military vehicles and see many soldiers in uniform. My boys were exposed to more weapons in that 1 hour time period than all their young years previous experience combined. There were helicopters, tanks, boats, airplanes, parachutes, and artillery. They were in little boy heaven. It was such a wonderful experience to be there with my dad, a career military man and member of the 82nd Airborne and to share with my sons stories and pictures of REAL SUPER HEROES, like their Papa and Uncle Chuck. I felt humbled and had tears in my eyes more than once. I highly recommend this experience to anyone who lives close enough to go with your families. It is free to the public and very well done.

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CR said...

You guys make me proud to be an American!