Sunday, August 30, 2009

Molly is 18 Weeks and HATES Shoes!

These are the cute shoes that match an equally cute babyGap outfit I have been excited for Molly to wear. I was just waiting for her feet to grow into them. They finally fit!

This is the first and ONLY pic I took of her with the shoes on. Notice the "You must be crazy" look she is giving her mommy.

Within seconds she kicked off the first shoe and was working on the second.

She is successful!

And then look at her. She has the nerve to laugh at me!

What kind of girl hates chocolate AND shoes?
She went to church barefoot.


Rebekah said...

hahahaha, my kids didn't do shoes either and paige still doesn't like them.

kruegfam said...

Well, the hate shoes part you can blame on Nana. Don't know about the cholcolate part!