Sunday, August 23, 2009

Molly's 4 Months Old

Molly turned 4 months old this week. She is 13 pounds. Her newest trick this week is blowing bubbles with her spit. Then she gets so tickled with herself that she can't do it anymore because she is laughing and spitting at the same time. It is hilarious. She loves music and tries to sing along. She is successfully grabbing things and placing them straight into her mouth. This also sends her into giggly hysterics.

Molly continues to love sucking on her toes and fingers. She is still a great sleeper, though she has started nursing in the middle of the night. Unfortunately for us both, we found out Mommy should still not eat chocolate and nurse. (Can't blame me for trying though, right?)

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Shari said...

Your daughter is gorgeous... I love the comments... as our daughter is 6 mos. tomorrow and I can visualize each of Molly's new tricks!! My how time flies!!