Sunday, August 23, 2009

My Knee Baby

Oh my dear Ryan, my middle child, or as my Nanie would call him, my knee baby. It is a fitting name. He is often at my knee, patiently waiting while I nurse Molly or change her diaper. He is there at my knee while I help Andrew read a book or work on a math lesson. But his favorite places are in my arms, on Chad's back, or by Andrew's side.

Ryan is such a sweet little guy. Everyone that knows him adores him. He isn't often very demanding, but he speaks up when he needs something and doesn't let others bully him around. He loves to give hugs. He has the squeakiest, cutest voice. He often pretends to be shy in new situations, which always surprises us, because he is anything but quiet at home. Ryan jabbers away nonstop at home. He is also VERY DARING and is covered with scrapes and bruises. (In this pic he is sporting a week old scrape he got when he fell down brick stairs and caught himself with his nose). He jumps off beds, stairs, furniture. He has the funniest little dance/hop/march. Ryan believes that he is 4, like Andrew. He tells everyone he meets, "I Ryan. I four." When we have friends over, Ryan often ignores the other 2 year olds and follows Andrew and his friends around. Ryan loves cars, trains, and super heroes. He loves to have his picture taken and loves music. Ryan loves to read books and will sit all afternoon listening to stories.

Ryan also says some pretty funny things of his own. I thought I'd end the post with some of our favorite sayings below.

"Can I hold you a little minute?"

"I'll try." (said with a gigantic grin anytime we ask him to do anything)

"Maw-we touch me! She touch me!" (high pitched excited voice)

Ryan cleaned the playroom this week and came and grabbed my hand.
"Check it out Baby!"

Last week in nursery a child pulled his hair. "You pulled my hair. That's not fair!"

Ryan grabbed the Spiderman comic book and told Andrew..."Sit down. I read you a stowy. Once Upon a time there Peter Pawker. (turns pages to the gun page) Oh no! Your Uncle Ben has been SHOPPING!" (It really says 'shot').

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Basil Family said...

Sorry for the wait in commenting. ;) I've actually been thinking about it (the post, not really commenting so much....but I should have.). I've been thinking about my own "knee baby" (though I've never heard that term, it is fitting.) and his big personality and little idiosyncrasies. And that it's really funny that he uses "little minute" all the time too, though for him it's that he wants to play with my iTouch a "little minute" or a "little bit."