Sunday, August 16, 2009


My boys have reached that age. The milestone that all little boys must reach on their road to manhood. The one that differentiates them from their Disney Princess loving counterparts. That is the discovery and love of SUPER HEROES! This blog entry is dedicated to this new passion of theirs so I can remember all the cute things they have said and done involving super heroes.

My boys haven't ever seen a super hero cartoon and until recently had never seen a comic book, but somehow, someway, they know the names of all of the Super Heroes. Thanks to YouTube, we have found an unending supply of footage of their favorites, thoughtfully edited by others to be appropriate for a 2 and 4 year old with an overprotective mommy. Did you remember that Spiderman used to be on the old Electric Company? I hadn't until we were searching around on YouTube. Those episodes are great! They are actually reading lessons perfect for Andrew's reading level! We have also found lots of videos of Spiderman, Batman, and Superman and all their theme songs. We watch them over and over and over again.

Superman is Andrew's favorite because he flies in outer space and wears a big S (for super and Scribner)! I am sure you have noticed by now on our blog that Andrew wears his Superman shirt every time I do laundry. He waits next to the dryer and waits for the buzzer to go off. All the motivation he needs to have good behavior these days is a promise to take his Superman shirt away if he doesn't act Super! Oh how I am hoping that works for a few more weeks!

Ryan has chosen Spiderman as his hero. Several weeks ago we went to Old Navy where Andrew chose out his Superman shirt. Ryan refused to choose a shirt. Every one we showed him he threw on the floor. It was very unlike him and I was confused. Then last week at the mall he chose the Spiderman shirt from Old Navy. (There had not been one a few weeks earlier). He was apparently holding out for his favorite! This was much to Andrew's disappointment, who wanted Ryan to be Batman or Christopher ROBIN. Ryan runs around the house singing "Piderman's" Theme Song.

At home and in public they wear reversible super hero capes I made them for Christmas. Super Heroes dominate most of our conversations. Tonight at dinner Andrew asked, "Mommy, which was the first Super Hero on the Earth?" Poor boy, he hasn't learned yet that Mommy was a Strawberry Shortcake and Herself the Elf loving girl, and is absolutely clueless when it comes to such things as super powers. He is gradually catching on though. He turned to Daddy when my answer wasn't good enough and Daddy googled to find the answer. (Any guesses?)

Andrew wants to have a Superhero birthday party. His cousin Alex and another good friend are also having Super Hero birthday parties coming up. What in the world will I do that is fun and original after he has already been to 2 identically themed parties? Luckily we are last, so I can brazenly steal all of Jen's and Laura's fabulous ideas!

The T-shirt we got Ryan came with a reprinted copy of the first Spiderman comic book. The boys have read it until it has fallen apart. Those of you who have read it or seen the movie, know Uncle Ben gets shot. (Andrew has an Uncle Ben and was quite upset/intrigued by this storyline). Here are a couple of conversations that Chad and Andrew had after we had a long talk about guns and safety.

Conversation 1:

A: I'm going to shoot a gun when I'm a cub scout.

C: Is that what cub scouts do? (unsure where the whole scout thing fits in).

A: Um, yeah. I think I'll get an orange gun when I'm a cub scout.

(Some more dialog in between.)

C: In the Spiderman story, why did the burglar shoot uncle Ben?

A: He must have been a cub scout.

Conversation 2:

A: What shoots from a gun?

C: Bullets.

A: What are bullets?

C: They're little metal things. They're very dangerous and can hurt people.

A: Superman shoots from his eyes like this (blinks eyes with exaggeration and repeatedly).

C: What does he shoot from his eyes?

A: I don't know. What does he shoot from his eyes?

C: Lasers. That's just make believe.

A: When I was taking my rest downstairs and I was opening my eyes like this (again blinks eyes repeatedly), I saw things shoot out of them.

C: What did you see shoot out of your eyes?

A: Make believe. It was purple.

Conversation 3:

A-Daddy, are there 3 m's in Mommy?


A-There are 2 d's in daddy, no wait 3, right?

C-That's right.

A-But there are a lot of d's in the Superman song. There are all d's. No wait, I think there's some u's too!

We thought we would share some footage of the boys singing the theme songs. Chad condensed it down as much as he could. There's one longer video of the boys singing all 3 songs they know, but the short one is just a really funny snippet from the longer video. It's an ATTEMPT at singing just one of the songs. If you have the 'super' patience to watch a 6+ min video, then I recommend you watch the longer one first. The shorter one is just the funniest part of the longer video, but by no means the only funny part. I am afraid that perhaps Andrew is developing some of my perfectionist tendencies after all.

First the longer video. Yes, it's over 6 minutes long, but it's action-packed. Not a dull moment... really. After all, they are singing superhero songs.

And here's the shorter video. Again, this is just the funniest part of the longer video.


Christy said...

You seem to be raising a future movie star. He's got talent, good looks and a good dose of diva-attitude. My boys were glued to the computer during the entire clip. I guess you have your target audience. :)

CR said...

SUPER cute boys! Andrew is too clever. I can't wait to watch the videos, if I can get them to work.

Greg and louise said...

Loved the long video the best. They are absolutely adorable. The capes are really neat too.

Katie said...

So darling! Don't you just love having boys!