Sunday, August 16, 2009

Week 16:This Little Piggy...Went in Molly's Mouth!

We've gone from a thumb sucking "prodigy" to a toe eating monkey this week. A light bulb went off in Molly's head on Wednesday and she was very excited to figure out that SHE was the one that controlled her arms and legs. She found her toes, and promptly placed them in her mouth.

She figured out how to roll over from her back to her tummy (she had already mastered the opposite). AND she figured out how to move the toys on her activity center to make noise.

She is an even happier girl (if that is possible) now that she can find her way back to her tummy in the middle of the night. But with cute little piggies to suck on, who needs to lie on their tummy and suck a thumb? I can't wait to hear the comments in the grocery store while she nibbles away on those.

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CR said...

That is hilarious, she is awesome! You will have to have a contest for the best comment in the grocery store.