Sunday, September 20, 2009

End of Summer Picture Bonanza

I realized that I have tons of pics to share from this summer that I haven't posted because they didn't really deserve their own posts individually... or perhaps because it would have required me to create new posts almost every day. There is no rhyme or reason in the order. Hope you enjoy the randomness!

Ring a round the roses with Masen

Silly string with Daddy

I think Daddy won!

I was able to go to a women's conference in Asheville to hear Sister Beck speak. Afterward I went shopping downtown and out to dinner with friends. (Don't I have pretty friends)?

Fingerpainting in chocolate pudding!

AP (After painting)

I canned corn this summer. This determined squirrel somehow pulled this cob out of the trash without ripping a hole in the bag.

I was working as a camp art director the summer Chad and I met. I often practiced my projects at home before I tried to do them with the kids. On our very first date, Chad and I made Goop together. We introduced it to our kids for FHE this summer. What a fun messy night!

Our neighbors have a pool that they generously offered to let our family use this summer. We went once a week and had a blast! They were sooo generous.

Even with a "Super" cool life jacket, Ryan threw a 10-20 minute tantrum each time we went to the pool because he didn't want to wear ANY flotation devices offered.

Andrew loved the diving board!

Believe it or not, Molly sat happily in her car seat at the side of the pool while we all swam! What an easy baby she is! And I love her little swimsuit!

There is a story in the Friend magazine about a little boy wanting to dress up like the bishop. Andrew insisted that he needed to dress like our bishop, too. Here is the outfit Andrew decided was most bishop-like. He even carried scriptures. They are engraved with "Chad Scribner" on the cover. He argued with us quite a while and told us that they said "Chad's SCRIPTURES." I don't think we ever convinced him.

Molly and her cousin Amelia

Chad made the boys rocket pancakes, which they loved of course!

The boys both bought skateboards at a consignment sale. Ryan can do it, but is very cautious and very slow.

I am sure there are tons more I haven't shared yet. But I am sleepy and heading to bed!

Molly's 5 Months Old

Little Miss Molly is 5 months old today! She loves playing in her exersaucer and continues to be a happy girl! She still drools excessively. She decided that sleep was over rated a couple of nights this week, much to her mommy's dismay. But now she seems to be back to normal.

Everyone says she looks like her brother, but as her Mommy, I just can't see it as easily. Here are pics of all three kids at 5 months old in their exersaucer. Can you guess who is who?

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mommy and Me with Ry-guy

When Andrew was 2, I began a Mommy and me group for 4 of his friends and their moms. It was a wonderful experience. Now that Ryan is 2, I wanted to be able to have that same experience with him. He is pretty excited and had a fun day with his friends. This year we have 5 friends joining us at our home each week, 4 girls, and one other boy. I am in the process of creating a new blog for these little ones. Hopefully it will be live tonight and you can check out some fun pictures and our lesson plans each week.

Molly-pop! 20 weeks

"Molly-pop Molly-pop
Oh Molly Molly Molly
Molly-pop Molly-pop.....
Call my baby Molly-pop
Tell you why
Her kiss is sweeter than an apple pie."

Yes, inspired by the Dell commercial, this is the song we sing to Molly all the time. Her new little nickname. Now it will be stuck in your head the rest of the day, too!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Only 7 more days til Soccer Again!

Andrew played soccer for the first time tonight. His cousin is on his team, too. He has been very excited about soccer for weeks. He has a really cool orange and silver ball he got for Christmas, but he insisted that soccer balls are black and white and sent his daddy on a quest to find a traditional ball. He has practiced putting on his shin guards and picked out the shorts he wanted to wear tonight days ago. He has been practicing outside and inside with the black and white ball. As Chad was tucking him in last night he said, "Tomorrow is my big day!" Because of this huge build-up he has created himself, I thought he had a pretty good idea of what soccer was all about. So this morning I pulled up a video of a five year old playing soccer. I asked Andrew what he thought about it he replied, "That was pretty neat. Um...what were they playing? Was that football?"

So you are probably wondering what he thought after the high expectations he set for tonight. Me, too! He was so tired on the way home, my 100 mile an hour talker would only say it was fun, that he liked it.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Blue Jean Baby 19 weeks

When I was a very little girl, I loved wearing dresses. In fact, once my mom picked out a pair of blue jeans for me and I protested. I put my hand on my hip and sassily told her she could buy them but I was NOT going to wear them. (who do you think won that battle)? Anyways, so far my little girly has only worn dresses or little one piece bubble suits. Until this week. Doesn't she look too big?

Also, note the shoes. Apparently Molly does NOT hate shoes. Apparently she is a shoe snob. The Gap shoes just weren't cool enough for her. She held out for the Pedipeds, which she left on ALL DAY. (Do you think maybe she is a chocolate snob too and if I ate Godiva she wouldn't protest)?