Friday, September 11, 2009

Only 7 more days til Soccer Again!

Andrew played soccer for the first time tonight. His cousin is on his team, too. He has been very excited about soccer for weeks. He has a really cool orange and silver ball he got for Christmas, but he insisted that soccer balls are black and white and sent his daddy on a quest to find a traditional ball. He has practiced putting on his shin guards and picked out the shorts he wanted to wear tonight days ago. He has been practicing outside and inside with the black and white ball. As Chad was tucking him in last night he said, "Tomorrow is my big day!" Because of this huge build-up he has created himself, I thought he had a pretty good idea of what soccer was all about. So this morning I pulled up a video of a five year old playing soccer. I asked Andrew what he thought about it he replied, "That was pretty neat. Um...what were they playing? Was that football?"

So you are probably wondering what he thought after the high expectations he set for tonight. Me, too! He was so tired on the way home, my 100 mile an hour talker would only say it was fun, that he liked it.

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