Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hawks Pumpkin Patch

Food Glorious Food-Molly is 6 Months Old

Molly has been eyeballing our food for about 2 months. She has been grabbing our dinner utensils and water bottles out of our hands for about 2 weeks. We have resorted to giving her spoons to play with so we could keep our own at meal times. You can imagine then that she was more than a little excited and surprised when we set her in the high chair on her 6 month birthday and Daddy gave her a spoon with something on it!


I like it!

"Please sir...I want some MORE!"

"Here, let me help you Daddy."

"Actually, I think I will do it myself."

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Is Molly Curly, Larry, or Moe? -25 weeks

Molly has discovered this week how fun physical comedy can be. She giggles and giggles at her brothers when they do tricks for her. She seems to think her brothers falling down and pretending to be hurt is hilarious. Miss Molly bonked her head pretty hard with a rattle this week, hard enough to leave a red mark for several hours, and just laughed at herself. Somehow I see reenactments of the 3 Stooges in my future as she grows big enough to keep up with her 2 brothers. Hooray! Anyone who knows me knows how much I enjoy physical comedy. (this last statement is dripping with sarcasm). But her laugh is so precious, it is hard to be a scrooge about anything that brings that joyful sound out of her.

Molly is still smiling if she is awake. (And probably in her sleep too). She is chewing on everything she can get close enough to reach and it seems as if she is drooling twice as much as before. She loves to be part of the action and wants to be where we are all the time. She is trying so hard to lift her tummy up, but she still just ends up flapping her arms and legs.

Halloween House and Hoe-down

This weekend we went to the ward Chili Cook-off and Hoe-down. The boys had a blast decorating pumpkins and searching for candy in a hay bucket. Andrew had a rocket face painted on his cheek. Then we all square danced together as a family. Sorry there aren't any pictures of that. I am sure we were quite the sight. I was holding Ryan on my hip, Chad was holding Andrew's hand, and the four of us together made up 1 square dancing couple. Other friends were also dancing with their kids, so at one point our square had 14 people, instead of 8. We had a great time, though I am sure we were a comical group.

This week, Chad and the kids have been working on a candy house together that Nana and Papa brought. It isn't quite finished yet, but they are having a fun time working on it. Molly even thinks she should be part of the action. We will post a finished product pic later.

Ryan's 1st Visit at the Dentist

At home, Ryan is a wide opened, talkative, funny guy. He is that way at his friends' homes too. Playful, bouncy, and friendly. But recently, in public situations, Ryan is often shy, or at least slow to warm up. I knew that he loves to do everything Andrew does, so I scheduled their dental appointments at the same time. Andrew bounced right up in the chair and Ryan watched. From behind my legs. When it was his turn, he clamped his mouth tight and refused to get in the chair or to even speak to the dentist or hygienist. Then the hygienist left us alone for a few minutes to get something. Ryan was his normal self. I snapped these pictures of him brushing the giraffe's teeth, then he willingly hopped into the chair. Until she came back in the room. Then he hopped down. After much coaching he got back up in the chair and somehow they got his mouth opened. They were even able to floss and do a fluoride treatment. There were no tears, no screams, just extreme cautiousness. By the end of the exam he was chatting away. I am glad they were so patient with him and didn't push him.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Jedi Training

(One of the few posts written by Chad)

The video is 4 minutes long, but well worth it, especially if you're a Star Wars fan. There's even a fight scene.

I guess it's inevitable when you have boys... they want to battle. Oh, we've tried to raise pacifists, but despite our best attempts, just about every role play they do involves a Good Guy and a Bad Guy. We try to limit their television and movies to pre-screened non-violent shows, but occasionally they get to watch something like Peter Pan. While we promote team play with Steven Covey leadership courses and "How to Get Along with your co-workers" weekend retreats for the boys, they still yearn to act out the conflict of good and evil. Andrew, and Ryan as well, have particularly taken to super heroes and Star Wars. The kids' exposure to Star Wars is very limited right now. We've recently started listening to Star Wars theme music on YouTube clips, but the boys also have cousins and friends that love Star Wars as well and, have the lightsabers and like to play fight. As you'll see in this video, while we don't have toy lightsabers in the house right now, Andrew wasn't going to let a little thing like that stop him from having lightsaber fights with Ryan.

We're pretty impressed with Andrew's lightsaber noises, considering he's never seen the Star Wars movies or cartoons before.

Andrew's Creations

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sweet Dreams??? 24 Weeks

I love my bear friends that sing to me.

Mommy and Daddy have me all ready for bed. Do I look tired to you?

Molly is 24 weeks old. What a sweet girl. We realized that most of the pics we have posted are of Molly in church dresses and a couple of blue jean shots. But she spends a lot of time in her jammies. She is a good sleeper. Despite the bright eyes and big smiles in these pics, she was asleep 15 minutes later. Molly doesn't usually cry when she wakes up either. I have to listen really carefully to the monitor for her little squeaks, or she would stay in bed without crying for a very long time after she woke up. I would never get to play with her!

Molly's aim has improved and she can grab anything she wants and brings it straight to her mouth. My hair is back in a pony tail again and I am ear ring-less.

We also left Molly with a a non-family babysitter while she was awake for the first time this week. She did great and even took a bottle. It was only her second time ever having a bottle. She loved it!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Molly's First 5K - 23 Weeks

Molly and I walked with my Aunt Ronda in the Women's Only 5k Walk and Run yesterday in honor of her courageous battle against breast cancer. Her 2 daughters and my Aunt Louise walked with us as well. My cousin made the cute shirts our team wore, even a little one for Miss Molly. There were over 3000 women and girls who participated and raised money for mammograms for women in the triad! It was an amazing experience to be part of such an incredible event. Molly was a cutie and made everyone who saw her smile. She didn't cry at all. Maybe next year she can do the little girls' fun run in the morning before Mommy runs the 5k. Who wants to join us?

Molly has also discovered the joys of the Johnny Jump Up. She bounces and sings for long periods of time. Her brothers come over and "help" her bounce and sing songs to her as well. I think she would stay in it all day long if I let her.

And yes, that is a very wet shirt Miss Drooly is wearing.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hilton Head Family Vacation in Pictures and one story

Our Junior Lifeguard

We had a lot of fun on our vacation, with tons of stories to share, but I only want to share one tonight. On the last full day of our vacation, we headed to the pool. We had a great time splashing around and going down the water slide over and over again. Andrew and Ryan wore life jackets most of the time. When it was time to go, we told the big boys they could go down one more time. I wanted to grab a picture of Chad and Andrew going down. I had Molly in one hand and the camera in the other. Chad was on the slide with Masen and Andrew, and the rest of the adults and kids were next to the pool packing up. Or so I thought. Or maybe I didn't think.

Masen came down first and I snapped the picture above. Then Andrew, then Chad. When Chad came down the slide, the lifeguard and a man on the side started yelling, "Sir, sir. Your baby." No one really knew what they were talking about. Then I think we all saw Ryan in the pool with no life jacket on at the same time. He was at the very edge near the ladder. The life guard jumped in, Chad started swimming towards him, and I reached down and grabbed him out. I was shaking and trying hard not to cry. I threw Molly at my father-in-law and ran over to a chair and checked Ryan out like a mother dog checks her pups. I think if someone had come near me I would have growled. My emotions were that intense. But was my little Ryan afraid, was he choking, was he crying? No! Why? Because his quick thinking 5 year old cousin had seen Ryan enter the pool. Masen knew Ryan couldn't swim, and reached over and lifted Ryan's head above water as soon as he went under! Masen held him there above water until a grown up could get there and help! We were all so very proud of Masen. He truly was a hero.

I know even if Masen had not been there the life guard or Chad or Steve would have been able to reach Ryan. They were all just a couple of feet away. But probably not before Ryan had sunk under water and was choking. I think Ryan would have probably been traumatized. Yet because Masen reacted so quickly and wisely, Ryan was never really aware that anything was wrong. I have spent many sleepless hours imagining how horrible the "what ifs" could have been. What if Masen hadn't been there? What if Ryan had jumped in the pool where none of his family was standing instead of where all of us were standing? What if he had jumped in where the life guard wasn't standing and no one saw him go in? I am so grateful for the Lord's protection of my son. And I am thankful to my little Junior Lifeguard Masen! (There is a present coming to you in the mail from your grateful Aunt, Uncle, and cousins).