Sunday, October 25, 2009

Food Glorious Food-Molly is 6 Months Old

Molly has been eyeballing our food for about 2 months. She has been grabbing our dinner utensils and water bottles out of our hands for about 2 weeks. We have resorted to giving her spoons to play with so we could keep our own at meal times. You can imagine then that she was more than a little excited and surprised when we set her in the high chair on her 6 month birthday and Daddy gave her a spoon with something on it!


I like it!

"Please sir...I want some MORE!"

"Here, let me help you Daddy."

"Actually, I think I will do it myself."


CR said...

She is SOO fun! How great that she gets so excited about all of life's happy pleasures.

thehiattfamily said...

WOW, I didn't know any babies actually liked plain rice cereal