Sunday, October 18, 2009

Is Molly Curly, Larry, or Moe? -25 weeks

Molly has discovered this week how fun physical comedy can be. She giggles and giggles at her brothers when they do tricks for her. She seems to think her brothers falling down and pretending to be hurt is hilarious. Miss Molly bonked her head pretty hard with a rattle this week, hard enough to leave a red mark for several hours, and just laughed at herself. Somehow I see reenactments of the 3 Stooges in my future as she grows big enough to keep up with her 2 brothers. Hooray! Anyone who knows me knows how much I enjoy physical comedy. (this last statement is dripping with sarcasm). But her laugh is so precious, it is hard to be a scrooge about anything that brings that joyful sound out of her.

Molly is still smiling if she is awake. (And probably in her sleep too). She is chewing on everything she can get close enough to reach and it seems as if she is drooling twice as much as before. She loves to be part of the action and wants to be where we are all the time. She is trying so hard to lift her tummy up, but she still just ends up flapping her arms and legs.


Wendy said...

cute!! Sorry--I don't know The Three Stooges well enough to know who's who!

CR said...

I think she is all 3! Your kids are hilarious, they will always keep you young.

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