Saturday, October 3, 2009

Molly's 22 Weeks Old

Molly celebrated her 22nd week by heading to Hilton Head for her first beach trip! She was her normal happy self for most of the trip. Except for the one night that she screamed and screamed like her mommy had eaten chocolate or something. Then we realized her mommy had downed 3 Frescas in 24 hours and sent her little baby tummy into shock! So now we know, no chocolate or soda pop for baby Molly. Molly seemed to love splashing in the heated pool the best. It brought out the most squeals. She also loved all the attention from her cousin Masen, who loves babies!

Molly is "talking" quite a bit and squeals a lot. She has excellent aim and has managed to knock over more than one full glass of water. She is still quite a drooly gal. But we love her, soaked clothes and all.

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Kim said...

I love that first picture! Both of your smiles are wonderful!