Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ryan's 1st Visit at the Dentist

At home, Ryan is a wide opened, talkative, funny guy. He is that way at his friends' homes too. Playful, bouncy, and friendly. But recently, in public situations, Ryan is often shy, or at least slow to warm up. I knew that he loves to do everything Andrew does, so I scheduled their dental appointments at the same time. Andrew bounced right up in the chair and Ryan watched. From behind my legs. When it was his turn, he clamped his mouth tight and refused to get in the chair or to even speak to the dentist or hygienist. Then the hygienist left us alone for a few minutes to get something. Ryan was his normal self. I snapped these pictures of him brushing the giraffe's teeth, then he willingly hopped into the chair. Until she came back in the room. Then he hopped down. After much coaching he got back up in the chair and somehow they got his mouth opened. They were even able to floss and do a fluoride treatment. There were no tears, no screams, just extreme cautiousness. By the end of the exam he was chatting away. I am glad they were so patient with him and didn't push him.

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CR said...

I am amazed. The dental hygenist (who is REALLY good with kids) told our boy to come back in a couple years. ;)