Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sweet Dreams??? 24 Weeks

I love my bear friends that sing to me.

Mommy and Daddy have me all ready for bed. Do I look tired to you?

Molly is 24 weeks old. What a sweet girl. We realized that most of the pics we have posted are of Molly in church dresses and a couple of blue jean shots. But she spends a lot of time in her jammies. She is a good sleeper. Despite the bright eyes and big smiles in these pics, she was asleep 15 minutes later. Molly doesn't usually cry when she wakes up either. I have to listen really carefully to the monitor for her little squeaks, or she would stay in bed without crying for a very long time after she woke up. I would never get to play with her!

Molly's aim has improved and she can grab anything she wants and brings it straight to her mouth. My hair is back in a pony tail again and I am ear ring-less.

We also left Molly with a a non-family babysitter while she was awake for the first time this week. She did great and even took a bottle. It was only her second time ever having a bottle. She loved it!

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CR said...

She is SO beautiful, what a joy!